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HAVING narrated so much of the history, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--Raja! once on a time, Nund and Jusodha performed a great religious penance for a son; when Shree Narayun himself gave a promise, that he would be born in their house. When Shree Krishnù came at midnight on a Wednesday, the eighth of the dark part of the month Bhadon, Jusodha being awake at the time, and having beheld her son's face, sending for Nund, was highly delighted, and thought that she had gained every object of her life. Early in the morning, Nund Jee having got up sent for pundits and astrologers, who came with their books and almanacks, and Nund offered them seats with great respect, and honour. They, according to the precepts of the Shastrùs, having fixed upon the year, month, lunar-day, solar-day, division of the zodiack, the lucky moment, and exact, ray of light, and having considered the rising of a sign of the zodiack, and having settled a division of time equal to (48) forty-eight minutes, said,--"O great king! after consulting our Shastrùs we are of opinion, that the child about to be born will be a second deity, as Bruhmù; having destroyed all evil spirits, and relieved the burthens of Bruj, he shall be called the lord of cowherdesses, and the whole world shall sing his praises." On hearing this, Nund Jee

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made a vow to offer up two hundred thousand, (200,000) cows, with horns of gold, hoofs of silver, backs of copper, and arrayed in yellow silk robes; and having given all sorts of gifts and presents to Brahmins, ands receiving their blessing, he dismissed them--After this, he sent for all the musicians and singers of the city: they came, and began to display their accomplishments; the musicians to play, the dancers to dance, singers to sing, and the bards to celebrate praises. And all the cowherds of Gokool made their wives bring vessels, containing sour milk, on their heads. Assuming various disguises, dancing and singing, they came to offer congratulatory presents to Nund. On their arrival, they threw about, and at each other, so much coagulated milk and clay, that the whole of Gokool seemed to be covered with coagulated milk--When they had finished this sport, Nund having entertained them all, presented them with dresses, made the marks of "tiluk" on their foreheads, and given them pawn, (betle leaf,) dismissed them.

The congratulations lasted in this manner for some days:--during this time, every one obtained whatever he asked from Nund Jee. Being free from the congratulations, Nund Jee sent for all the cowherds, and said to them, "Brothers! I have heard that Kuns is laying hold of all the little children "he can find; there is no knowing but some wicked person may say something against us; for which reason it is proper that we should in a body take presents, and offer annual tribute." They all agreed to this, and taking with them from their houses, milk, curds, butter and money, loading them on carts, they came from Gokool to Muttra, accompanied by Nund. Having had an interview with Kuns, they offered presents, and having paid their tribute, being permitted to depart, making their salutations, they returned homewards.

When they reached the bank of the Jumna, Basoodeo Jee having received information of their coming, went there also: embracing Nund, and making enquiries regarding his affairs, he began to say, "I have not such a relative and friend

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as you in the whole world, because when a great calamity happened to me, I sent Rohnee, then with child, to you. She has had a son, whom you have nurtured with great care-"How can I sufficiently describe your virtues?" Saying this, he asked him, "Tell me, are Ram Krishnù, and your wife Jusodha well?" Nund Jee replied, "By your kindness all are well, and the root of my life, your Buldeo Jee is also well. In consequence of his being born, by reason of your virtue and majesty, I also have had a son: but there is one of your griefs, which much afflicts me." Busoodeo said, "Friend! we have no power over the deity, the lines of fate cannot he effaced by one. For this reason, after coming into the world, who should regret, if he suffers pain and affliction." Having thus informed him, he said, "Go quickly to your home, Kuns has committed many acts of violence; the vile wretch is making search for, and having brought to him all the infant children he can: good subjects have been put to death, you have all come here, and evil spirits are on the search, and prowling about: who knows but that some wicked person may go to Gokool, and cause injustice to be done." On hearing this, Nund Jee being agitated, and taking all with him, engaged in thought, went from Muttra to Gokool.

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