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1Come unto us, O Indra, dear, still conquering, unconcealable,
  Vast as a mountain spread on all sides, Lord of heaven.
2O truthful Soma-drinker, thou art mightier than both the
  Thou strengthenest him who pours libation, Lord of heaven.
3For thou art, he, O Indra, who stormest all castles of the foe,
  Slayer of Dasyus, man's supporter, Lord of heaven.
4O ministering priest, pour out of the sweet juice what gladdens
  So is the Hero praised who ever prospers us.
5Indra whom tawny coursers bear, praise such a thine,.
  None by his power or by his goodness hath attained
6We seeking glory, have invoked this Master of all power and'
  Who must be glorified by constant sacrifice.

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