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1We will, with Indra, and all Gods to aid us, bring these existing.
   worlds into subjection.
  Our sacrifice, our bodies, and our offspring, let Indra form to-
   gether with the Ādityas.
2With the Ādityas with the band of Maruts, may Indra be pro-
   tector of our bodies;
  As when the Gods came, after they had slaughtered the Asuras,.
   keeping safe their godlike nature,
3Brought the Sun hitherward with mighty powers, and looked!
   about them on their vigorous God-head.
  With this may we obtain strength God-appointed, and brave
   sons gladden us through a hundred winters.
4He who alone bestoweth might on mortal man who offereth
  The ruler of resistless power, is Indra, sure.
5When will he trample like a weed the man who hath no gift for
  When verily will Indra hear our songs of praise?
6He who with Soma juice prepared among the many harbours.
  Verily Indra gains thereby tremendous might. p. 315
7Joy, mightiest Indra, known and marked, sprung most from
  Soma draughts, wherewith
  Thou smitest down the greedy fiend, for that we pray.
8Wherewith thou helpest Adhrigu, the great Dasagva, and the
  Who stirs the sunlight, and Sea, for that we pray.
9Wherewith thou dravest forth like cars Sindhu and all the
   mighty floods.
  To go the way ordained by Law, for that we pray.

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