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p. 254


A hymn to Kāma or Time

1Prolific, thousand-eyed, and undecaying, a horse with seven
   reins Time bears us onward.
  Sages inspired with holy knowledge mount him: his chariot
   wheels are all the worlds of creatures.
2This Time hath seven rolling wheels and seven naves immorality
   is the chariot's axle.
  This Time brings hitherward all worlds about us: as primal
  Deity is he entreated.
3On Time is laid an overflowing beaker: this we behold in many
   a place appearing.
  He carries from us all these worlds of creatures. They call him
  Kāla in the loftiest heaven.
4He only made the worlds of life, he only gathered the worlds
   of living things together.
  Their son did he become who was their Father: no other higher
   power than he existeth.
5Kāla created yonder heaven, and Kāla made these realms of
  By Kāla, stirred to motion, both what is and what shall be
6Kāla created land; the Sun in Kāla hath his light and heat.
  In Kāla rest all things that be: in Kāla doth the eye discern.
7In Kāla mind, in Kāla breath, in Kāla name are fixt and joined.
  These living creatures, one and all, rejoice when Kāla hath
8Kāla embraces Holy Fire, the Highest, Brahma in himself.
  Yea, Kāla, who was father of Prajāpati, is Lord of All.
9He made, he stirred this universe to motion, and on him it rests.
  He, Kāla, having now become Brahma, holds Parameshthin up. p. 255
10Kāla created living things and, first of all, Prajāpati.
  From Kāla self-made Kasyapa, from Kāla Holy Fire was born.

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