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A hymn to Kāma or Desire

1Thereafter rose Desire in the beginning, Desire the primal seed
   and germ of Spirit.
  O Kāma dwelling with the lofty Kāma, give growth of riches to
   the sacrificer.
2Thou, Kāma, art victorious, famous, potent, splendid, a friend.
   to him who seeks thy friendship.
  Mighty and overpowering in battle, give strength and vigour to
   the sacrificer.
3They heard his prayers, and they begot, by Kāma, heavenly-
    light for him.
  Who from a distance longed for it, a dealer ready to exchange.
4O Kāma, with whatever wish we make this offering to thee,
  May it be all fulfilled to us. Then taste this sacrifice, All hail!

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