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p. 234


A charm for the destruction of enemies

1On thee I bind this Amulet for lengthened life and brilliancy.
  The rival-quelling Darbha grass that burns the spirit of a foe.
2Burning the spirit of the foe, vexing the heart of enemies.
  Darbha, on every side, like heat, inflame all evil-hearted men.
3O Darbha, burning round like heat, consuming foes, O Amulet,.
  Like Indra rending Vala cleave mine adversaries' hearts in twain.
4Cleave through. O Darbha, Amulet, my foes', mine adversaries'.
  Rise thou and batter down their heads like growth that coverethl
   the earth.
5Cleave thou my rivals, Darbha, cleave the men who fain would,
   fight with me.
  Cleave all who wish me evil, cleave the men who hate me,.
6Wound thou, my rivals, Darbha, etc. (as in 5, substituting.
  'wound' for cleave.)
7Tear thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
8How thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
9Carve thou my rivals, Darbha, etc.
10Pierce thou my rivals, Darbha, pierce the men who fain would
   fight with me.
  Pierce those who wish me evil, pierce the men who hate me,

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