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A benedictory hymn

1Let the Bull guard thee with the kine, the Stallien with the fleet-
   foot steeds. p. 233
  Let Vāyu keep thee safe with prayer, and Indra with his mighty
2Let Soma guard thee with the plants, Sūrya protect thee with
   the stars;
  With breath let Wind protect thee, and the Moon, foe-slayer,
   with the months.
3Three are the earths, they say, and three the heavens, three are
   the atmospheres, and four the oceans.
  Threefold the hymn of praise, threefold the Waters. Let these
   with triple song and triplets guard thee.
4Three vaults of heaven, and three seas, three bright, three
   stationary ones,
  Three Mātarisvans, and three suns, protectors, I arrange for
5Increasing thee with butter I, Agni! with fatness sprinkle thee.
  Let not magicians harm the life of Agni or of Moon or Sun.
6 Let not magicians mar your heat, your vital or diffusive breath.
  Brilliant and all-possessing Gods, run ye your course with God-
   like power.
7Fire they endow with vital breath, Wind is compact, with vital
  With vital breath the Gods produced the Sun whose face turn
   every way.
8Live with the Life-Creators' life. Die not, live on to lengthened
  Live with the breath of men with souls. Submit not to the power
   of Death.
9The secret treasure of the Gods which Indra, by pathways
   travelled by the Gods, discovered,
  That gold the Waters with the triplets guarded. May they keep
   thee with threebold hymn and triplets.
10With friendly thoughts the Deities, three-and thirty, and three
   great Powers preserved it in the Waters.
  He made heroic powers with the gold that lies upon this Moon.
11O ye eleven Gods who are in heaven, accept this sacrifice.
12O ye eleven Gods who are in air, accept this sacrifice.
13O ye eleven Gods who are on earth, accept this sacrifice.
1415 repeated from XIX. 16. 1, 2.

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