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Hymns of the Atharva Veda, by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895], at


A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva-vada classed according to the number of verses which their hymns contain

1Hail to the four-verse strophes of the Atharvanas!
2Hail to the five-versed! p. 230
3Hail to the six-versed!
4Hail to the seven-versed!
5Hail to the eight-versed!
6Hail to the nine-versed!
7Hail to the ten-versed!
8Hail to the eleven-versed!
9Hail to the twelve-versed!
10Hail to the thirteen-versed
11Hail to the fourteen-versed!
12Hail to the fifteen-versed!
13Hail to the sixteen-versed!
14Hail to the seventeen-versed!
15Hail to the eighteen-versed!
16Hail, nineteen!
17Hail, twenty!
18Hail to the Great Section!
19Hail to the triplets!
20Hail to the single-versed hymns!
21Hail to the little ones!
22Hail to the single non-Rich-versed ones!
23Hail to the Rohitas!
24Hail to the two Sūryā hymns!
25Hail to the two Vrātya hymns!
26Hail to the two Prajāpati hymns!
27Hail to the hymn of victory!
28Hail to the hymns for happiness!
29Hail to Brahma!
30Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma. Brahma at first
   spread out the loftiest heaven.
  Brahma was born first of all things existing. Who then is fit to
   be this Brahma's rival?

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