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A prose hymn of homage to various portions of the Atharva-veda, to the Rishis, and to Brahma

1With the first five chapters of the Angirases, Hail! p. 229
2To the sixth, Hail!
3To the seventh and eight, Hail!
4The black-clawed ones, Hail!
5To the golden-hued ones, Hail!
6To the small ones, Hail!
7To those composed in strophes, Hail!
8To the first shells, Hail!
9To the second shells, Hail!
10To the third shells, Hail!
11To the penultimates, Hail.
12To the last ones, Hail!
13To the latter ones, Hail!
14To the Rishis, Hail!
15To those with hair in tufts, Hail!
16To the Ganas, Hail!
17To the great Ganas, Hail!
18To all the Vidagana Angirases, Hail!
19To those two with separate thousands, Hail!
20To Brahma, Hail!
21Collected manly powers are topped by Brahma. Brahma at first
   spread out the loftiest heaven.
  Brahma was born first of all things existing. Who then is meet
   to be that Brahma's rival?

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