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p. 222


A continuation of Hymn 10

1May the great Lords of Truth protect and aid us: blest to us be
   our horses and our cattle.
  Kind be the pious, skilful-handed Ribhus, kind be the Fathers
   at our invocations
2Kind to us be the Gods and Visve Devas, Sarasvati with Holy
  Thoughts be gracious.
  Friendly be they, the Liberal Ones, who seek us, yea, those who
   dwell in-heaven, on earth, in waters.
3May Aja-Ekapād the God be gracious, gracious the Dragon of
   the Deep, and Ocean.
  Gracious be he, the swelling Child of Waters, gracious be Prisni
   who hath Gods to guard her.
4So may the Rudras, Vasus, and Ādityas accept the new hymn we
   now are making.
  May all the Holy Ones of earth and heaven, and the Cow's off-
   spring hear our invocation.
5Priests of the Gods, worthy of sacrifices, immortal, knowing
  Law, whom man must worship.
  May these to-day give us broad paths to travel. Preserve us
   evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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