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A prayer for the same

1Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna
   who receive oblations!
  Indra and Soma give health, wealth and comfort, Indra and
  Pūshan be our strength in battle!
2Auspicious friends to us be Bhaga. Sansa, auspicious be Pur-
   andhi and all Riches,
  The blessing of the true and well-conducted and Aryaman in
   many forms apparent.
3Kind unto us be Maker and Sustainer and the far-reaching
  One with godlike nature.
  Auspicious unto us be Earth and Heaven, the Mountain and the
  Gods' fair invocations. p. 221
4Favour us Agni with his face of splendour, and Varuna and'
  Mitra and the Asvins.
  Favour us noble actions of the pious; impetuous Vāta blow on,
   us with favour!
5Early invoked may Heaven and Earth be friendly, and Air's
   mid-region good for us to look on.
  To us may herbs and forest trees be gracious, gracious the Lord
   victorious of the region.
6Be the God Indra with the Vasus friendly, and with Ādityas
  Varuna who blesseth.
  Kind with the Rudras be the healer Rudra, and with the Dames
   here Tvashtar kindly hear us.
7Kind unto us be Soma and Devotions, kind be the sacrifice and
  Stones for pressing.
  Kind be the fixing of the Sacred Pillars, kind be the tender
  Grass, and kind the Altar.
8May the far-seeing Sun rise up to bless us: be the four quarters-
   of the heaven auspicious.
  Auspicious be the firmly-seated Mountains, auspicious be the
  Rivers and the Waters.
9May Aditi through holy works be gracious, and may the Maruts,_
   loud in song, be friendly.
  May Vishnu give felicity, and, Pūshan, and Air that cherisheth.
   our lives, and Vāyu.
10Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant.
  Mornings be propitious.
  Propitious to our children be Pārjanya, kind to us be the field's
   benign Protector!

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