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p. 218

1Benign to me be all those Lunar Mansions to which the Moon
   as he moves on doth honour.
  All that are in the sky, the air, the waters, on earth, on moun-
   tains, in the heavenly regions.
2Propitious, mighty, let the eight-and-twenty together deal me
   out my share of profit.
  Profit and wealth be mine, and wealth and profit! To Day and
  Night be adoration rendered!
3Fair be my sunset, fair my morn and evening and day with.
   lucky chase and happy omens;
  With blessing and success, immortal Agni, go to the mortal and.
   return rejoicing.
4Excitement and invoking cry, ill-omened sneezing and reproof,
  All sounds of empty pitchers send into the distance, Savitar!
5May we escape an evil sneeze, enjoy the sneeze of happy luck,
  And may our nostrils smelling what is pleasant pour forth
   fragrant scent.
6These flames of Brāhmanaspati borne to all quarters in the-
  Turn them all hither, Indra, and make them most gracious unto,

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