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A Prayer to the Lunar Mansions and other Powers for protection and prosperity

1The brilliant lights shining in heaven together, which through
   the world glide on with rapid motion.
  And Days, and Firmament with songs I worship, seeking the
  Twenty-eight-fold for its favour.
2Krittikās, Rohinī be swift to hear me! Let Mrigasiras bless me,
   help me Ārdrā!
  Punarvasu and Sūnritā, fair Pushya, the Sun, Asleshās, Maghā
   lead me onward!
3My bliss be Svāti and benignant Chitrā, my right First Phalgunis p. 217
   and present Hasta.
  Rādhas, Visākhas, gracious Anurādhā, Jyeshthā and happy-
   starred uninjured Mūla.
4Food shall be earlier Ashādhas grant me; let those that follow
   bring me strength and vigour;
  With virtuous merit Abhijit endow me! Sravana and Sravishthās
   make me prosper.
5Satabhishak afford me ample freedom, and both the Proshtha-
   padas guard me safely.
  Revati and the Asvayujas bring me luck, and the Bharanis
   abundant riches!

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