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p. 167


An imprecation on an enemy

1Herewith I pierce this man. With poverty I pierce him. With
   disappearance I pierce him. With defeat I pierce him. With
  Grāhi I pierce him. With darkness I pierce him.
2I summon him with the awful cruel orders of the Gods.
3I place him between Vaisvānara's jaws.
4Thus or otherwise let her swallow him up.
5Him who hates us may his soul hate, and may he whom we
   hate hate himself.
6We scorch out of heaven and earth and firmament the man who
   hates us.
7Suyāman son of Chakshus.
8Here I wipe away the evil dream on the descendant of Such-an-
   one, son of Such-a-woman.
9Whatsoever I have met with, whether at dusk or during early
10Whether waking or sleeping, whether by day or by night.
11Whether I meet with it day by day, from that do I bribe him
12Slay him; rejoice in this; crush his ribs.
13Let him not live. Let the breath of life forsake him.

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