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A charm to avert evil dreams, and to transfer them to an enemy

1Now have we conquered and obtained: we have been freed
   from sin to-day.
2Let Morning with her light dispel that evil dream that frightened
3Bear that away to him who hates, away to him who curses us.
4To him whom we abhor, to him who hates us do we send it hence.
5May the Goddess Dawn in accord with Speech, and the Goddess
  Speech in accord with Dawn,
6The Lord of Dawn in accord with the Lord of Speech and the
  Lord of Speech in accord with the Lord of Dawn,
7Carry away to Such-an-one niggard fiends, hostile demons, and
8Kumbhikas, Dushikas, and Piyakas,
9Evil day-dream, evil dream in sleep,
10Wishes for boons that will not come, thoughts of poverty, the
   snares of the Druh who never releases.
11This, O Agni, let the Gods bear off to Such-an-one that he may
   be a fragile good-for-nothing eunuch.

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