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p. 55


A glorification of the Brahmachgri or religious student

1Stirring both worlds the Brahmachāri moveth: in him the
   deities are all one-minded.
  He hath established firmly earth and heaven: he satisfies his
  Master with his Fervour.
2After the Brahmachārī go the Fathers, the heavenly hosts, all
  Gods in separate order.
  After him too have the Gandharvas followed, thirty and three,
   three hundred, and six thousand. He satisfies all Gods with
   his devotion.
3The Master, welcoming his new disciple, into his bowels takes
   the Brahmachāri.
  Three nights he holds and bears him in this belly. When he is
   born, the Gods convene to see him.
4This log is earth, the second log is heaven: he fills the air's mid
   region with the fuel.
  With fuel, with his zone the Brahmachāri contents the worlds,
   with labour and with Fervour.
5The Brahmachāri, earlier born than Brahma, sprang up through
  Fervour, robed in hot libation.
  From him sprang heavenly lore, the highest Brahma, and all the
  Gods, with life that lasts for ever. p. 56
6Lighted by fuel goes the Brahmachāri, clad in black-buck skin,
   consecrate, long-bearded.
  Swiftly he goes from east to northern ocean, grasping the worlds,
   oft bringing them anear him.
7The Brahmachāri, fathering Prayer, world, Waters, Virāj, Prajā-
   pati, and Parameshthin,
  Lay as a germ within the Immortal's bosom, then became Indra
   and destroyed the demons.
8The Master fashioned both these cloudy regions, profound and
   spacious pair, the earth and heaven.
  The Brahmachāri guards them with his Fervour. In him the
   deities are all one-minded.
9The Brahmachāri first of all brought hither this ample earth as
   alms, and heaven above it.
  He makes these twain two fuel-logs, and worships, On these sup-
   ported rest all living creatures.
10Both treasuries of sacred lore lie hidden, one hitherward, beyond
   heaven's ridge the other.
  The Brahmachārī with his Fervour guards them. He makes this
   all his own as knowing Brahma.
11Hitherward one, hence from the earth the other, two Agnis meet
   between these cloudy regions.
  Close to these two firm rays of light are clinging. The Brahma-
   chāri enters them through Fervour.
12Thundering, shouting, ruddy-hued, and pallid, he bears along the
   earth great manly vigour.
  Down on the ridge of earth the Brahmachāri pours seed, and
   this gives life to heaven's four regions.
13The Brahmachāri stores with fuel Waters, and Fire, and Sun, and
  Moon, and Mātarisvan.
  The Water's lights move separate in the rain-cloud, Man, rain,
   and water are their molten butter.
14The Master is Death, Varuna, Soma, the plants of earth, and
  The thunder-clouds were men of war. By these this heavenly
   light was brought.
15Varuna, made a Master, takes at home the butter to himself.
  Whatever with Prajāpati he sought, the Brahmachāri gave like
  Mitra from his loftiest soul. p. 57
16The pupil is the Master, yea, the pupil is Prajāpati.
  Prajāpati shines bright; the bright Virāj grew potent Indra's self.
17By Fervour and by self-restraint the King protects the realm he
  By self-restraint the Master seeks a Brahmachari to instruct.
18By self-restraint a maiden finds a youth to be her wedded lord.
  By self-restraint the ox and horse seek to win fodder for them-
19By Fervour and by self-restraint the Gods draye Death away
   from them,
  And Indra brought by self-restraint heaven's lustre to the deities.
20The plants, what is and what shall be, day, night, the tall tree of
   the wood,
  The year with seasons of the year, all from the Brahmachāri
21All creatures of the earth and heaven, tame animals and sylvan
  Winged and wingless creatures, from the Brahmachāri sprang
   to life,
22All children of Prajāpati have breath distinctly in themselves.
  The Brahma that is stored within the Brahmachāri guards them
23Piled up on high, but never yet ascended, that power of deities
   is brightly shining.
  From that sprang heavenly lore, the loftiest Brahma, and all the
  Gods with, life that lasts for ever.
24The Brahmachāri wields the radiant Brahma wherein all Gods
   are woven close together;
  Creating breath, inhaling and exhaling, voice, mind, and heart,
  Brahma and holy wisdom.
25Bestow on us the power of sight and hearing, glory and food and
   seed and blood and belly.
26These, standing on the flood, the Brahmachāri formed practising
   in sea his hot devotion.
  When he hath bathed, brown, yellow-hued, he shines exceedingly
   on earth.

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