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A glorification of Prāna, Breath or Vital Spirit

1Homage to Prāna, him who hath dominion o'er the universe,
  Who hath become the Sovran Lord of all, on whom the whole
2Homage, O Prāna, to thy roar, to thunder-peal and lightning
  Homage, O Prāna, unto thee what time thou sendest down thy
3When Prāna with a thunderous voice shouts his loud message
   to the plants,
  They straightway are impregnate, they conceive, and bear
   abundantly. p. 53
4When the due season hath arrived and Prāna shouteth to herbs,
  Then all is joyful, yea, each thing upon the surface of the earth.
5When Prāna hath poured down his flood of rain upon the
   mighty land.
  Cattle and beasts rejoice thereat: Now great will he our
   strength, they cry.
6Watered by Prāna's rain the plants have raised their voices in
  Thou hast prolonged our life, they say, and given fragrance to us
7Homage to thee when coming nigh, homage to thee departing
  Homage, O Prāna, be to thee when standing and when sitting
8Homage to thee at every breath thou drawest in and sendest
  Homage to thee when turned away, homage to thee seen face to
   face! This reverence be to all of thee!
9Prāna, communicate to us thy dear, thy very dearest form.
  Whatever healing balm thou hast, give us thereof that we may
10Prāna robes living creatures as a father his beloved son. Prāna
   is sovran Lord of all, of all that breathes not, all that
11Prāna is Fever, he is Death. Prāna is worshipped by the Gods.
  Prāna sets in the loftiest sphere the man who speaks the words
   of truth.
12Prāna is Deshtri, and Virāj Prāna is reverenced by all. He is the
  Sun, he is the Moon. Prāna is called Prajāpati.
13Both breaths are rice and barley, and Prāna is called the toiling
  In barley is the inbreath laid, and rice is named the outward
14The human infant in the womb draws vital breath and sends it
  When thou, O Prāna, quickenest the babe it springs anew to
15The name of Prāna is bestowed on Mātarisvan and on Wind.
  On Prāna, past and future, yea, on Prāna everything depends. p. 54
16All herbs and plants spring forth and grow when thou, O Prāna
  Plants of Atharvan, Angiras, plants of the deities and men.
17When Prāna hath poured down his flood of rain upon the
   mighty earth,
  The plants are wakened into life, and every herd that grows on
18The man who knows this truth of thee, O Prāna, and what bears
   thee up
  To him will all present their gift of tribute in that loftiest will
   all present their gift of tribute in that loftiest world.
19As all these living creatures are thy tributaries, Prāna, so
  Shall they bring tribute unto him who hears thee with attentive
20Filled with a babe, mid deities he wanders: grown; near at hand,
   he springs again to being.
  That Father, grown the present and the future, hath past into
   the son with mighty powers.
21Hansa, what time he rises up, leaves in the flood one foot un-
  If he withdrew it there would be no more tomorrow or to-day,
  Never would there be night, no more would daylight shine or
   morning flush.
22It rolleth on, eight-wheeled and single-fellied, and with a thousand
   eyes, forward and backward.
  With one half it engendered all creation. What sign is there to
   tell us of the other?
23Homage, O Prāna unto thee armed with swift bow among the
  In whose dominion is this All of varied sort that stirs and
24May he who rules this Universe of varied sort, that stirs and
  Prāna, alert and resolute, assist me through the prayer I pray.
25Erect among the sleepers he wakes, and is never laid at length,
  No one hath ever heard that he hath been asleep while others
26Thou, Prāna, never shalt be hid, never shalt be estranged from
  I bind thee on myself for life, O Prāna, like the Waters' germ.

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