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p. a362


On the consecration of a newly built house

1We loose the ties and fastenings of the house that holds all
   precious things,
  The bands of pillars and of stays, the ties of beams that form
   the roof.
2All-wealthy House! each knot and band, each cord that is
   attached to thee
  I with my spell untie, as erst Brihaspati disclosed the cave.
3He drew them close, he pressed them fast, he made thy knotted.
   bands secure:
  With Indra's help we loose them as a skilful Slaughterer severs
4We loose the bands of thy bamboos, of bolts, of fastening, of
  We loose the ties of thy side-posts, O House that holdest all we
5We loosen here the ties and bands of straw in bundles, and of
  Of all that compasses and binds the Lady Genius of the Home.
6We loose the loops which men have bound within thee, loops
   to tie and hold.
  Be gracious, when erected, to our bodies, Lady of the Home.
7Store-house of Soma, Agni's hall, the ladies' bower, the resi-
  The seat of Gods art thou, O Goddess House. p. a363
8We with our incantation loose the net that hath a thousand.
  The diadem, securely tied and laid upon the central beam.
9The man who takes thee as his own, and he who was thy builder,.
  Both these, O Lady of the Home, shall live to long-extended'
10There let her come to meet this man. Firm, strongly fastened,.
   and prepared
  Art thou whose several limbs and joints we part and loosen one
   by one.
11He who collected timber for the work and built thee up, O
  Made thee for coming progeny, Prajāpati, the Lord Supreme.
12Homage to him! We worship too the giver and the Mansion's
  Homage to Agni! to the man who serves at holy rites for thee.
13Homage to kine and steeds! to all that shall be born within the
  We loose the bonds that fasten thee, mother of multitudes to
14Agni thou shelterest within, and people with domestic beasts.
  We loose the bonds that fasten thee, mother of multitudes to
15All space that lies between the earth and heaven, therewith I
   take this house for thy possession,
  And all that measures out the air's mid-region I make a hollow
   to contain thy treasures. Therewith I take the house for his
16Rich in prosperity, rich in milk, founded and built upon the
  Injure not thy receivers, House who holdest food of every sort!'
17Grass-covered, clad with straw, the house, like Night, gives rest
   to man and beast.
  Thou standest, built upon the earth, like a she-elephant, borne
   on feet.
18I loosen and remove from thee thy covering formed by mats of
  What Varuna hath firmly closed Mitra shall ope at early morn. p. a364
19May Indra, Agni, deathless Gods, protect the house where
  Soma dwells,
  House that was founded with the prayer, built and erected by
   the wise.
20Nest upon nest hath been imposed, compartment on compart-
   ment laid:
  There man shall propagate his kind, and there shall everything
21Within the house constructed with two side-posts, or with four,
   or six.
  Built with eight side-posts, or with ten, lies Agni like a babe
22Turned to thee, House! I come to thee, innocent, turned to
   welcome me:
  For Fire and Water are within, the first chief door of sacrifice.
23Water that kills Consumption, free from all Consumption, here
  I bring.
  With Agni, the immortal one, I enter and possess the house.
24Lay thou no cord or noose on us: a weighty burthen, still be
  Withersoever be our will, O House, we bear thee like a bride.
25Now from the east side of the house to the Great Power be
   homage paid!
  Hail to the Gods whose due is Hail!
26Now from the south side of the house, etc.
27Now from the west side of the house, etc.
28Now from the north side of the house, etc.
29So from the mansion's every side to the Great Power be homage
  Hail to the Gods whose due is Hail!

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