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p. a302


A charm to cure pustules, sores, or scrofulous swellings (apachitas)

1Black is the mother, we have heard, from whom the red-hued
  Pustules sprang.
  With the divine ascetic's root I pierce and penetrate them all.
2I pierce the foremost one of these, I perforate the middlemost,
  And here I cut the hindermost asunder like a lock of hair.
3With spell that Tvashtar sent to us I have dispelled thy jealousy.
  We mitigate and pacify the anger that thou feltest, Lord!
4Lord of religious rites, by law, anointed, shine thou forth here
   for ever friendly-minded.
  So may we all with children, Jātavedas! worship and humbly
   wait on thee enkindled.

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