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An invitation to the Asvins

1Inflamed is Agni, Heroes! charioteer of heaven. The caldron
   boils: the meath is drained to be your food.
  For we, O Asvins, singers sprung from many a house, invite you
   to be present at our banquetings. p. a301
2Asvins, the fire is all aglow: your caldron hath been heated;.
  Here, even now, O Heroes, are the milch-kine milked. The
   priests, ye mighty ones! rejoice.
3Pure with the Gods is sacrifice with cry of Hail! That is the
  Asvins' cup whence Gods are wont to drink.
  Yea, the Immortal Ones accept it, one and all, and come to kiss
   that cup with the Gandharva's mouth.
4Milk, molten butter offered when the mornings break,—this is
   your portion, Asvins! Come ye hitherward.
  Lords of the brave, balm-lovers, guards of sacrifice, drink ye the
   warm libation in the light of heaven.
5Let the warm drink approach you with its Hotar-priest: let the
  Adhvaryu come to you with store of milk.
  Come, O ye Asvins, taste the meath that hath been drained,
   drink of the milk provided by this radiant cow.
6Come hither, quickly come, thou milker of the kine; into the
   caldron pour milk of the radiant cow.
  Most precious Savitar hath looked upon the heaven. After
  Dawn's going-forth he sends his light abroad.
7I invocate this milch-cow good for milking, so that the milker,
   deft of hand, may milk her.
  May Savitar give goodliest stimulation. The caldron hath been
   warmed. Let him proclaim it.
8She, sovran of all treasures, is come hither yearning in spirit for
   her calf, and lowing.
  May this cow yield her milk for both the Asvins, and may she
   prosper to our great advantage.
9As dear house-friend, guest welcome in the dwelling, to this our
   sacrifice come thou who knowest.
  And, Agni, having scattered all assailants, bring to us the posses-
   sions of our foemen.
10Show thyself strong for mighty bliss, O Agni! Most excellent be
   thine effulgent splendours!
  Make easy to maintain our household lordship, and overcome
   the might of those who hate us.
11Fortunate mayst thou be with goodly pasture, and may we also
   be exceeding wealthy.
  Feed on the grass, O Cow, at every season, and, coming hither,
   drink the limpid water.

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