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A prayer for happiness in heaven

1This portion I who understand deliver to Visvakarman first-born
   son of Order.
  So may we follow to the end, unbroken, beyond old age, the
   thread which we have given.
2This long-drawn thread some follow who have offered in order-
   ed course oblation to the Fathers:
  Some, offering and giving to the friendless, if they can give:
   herein they find their heaven.
  3, Stand on my side and range yourselves in order, ye two! The
   faithful reach this world of Svarga. p. a258
  When your dressed food hath been bestowed on Agni, to guard
   it, wife and husband, come together!
4Dwelling with zeal I mount in spirit after the lofty sacrifice as it
  Agni, may we, beyond decay, invited, in the third heaven, feast
   and enjoy the banquet.
5These women here, cleansed, purified, and holy, I place at rest
   singly, in hands of Brāhmans.
  May Indra, Marut-girt, grant me the blessing I long for as I
   pour you this libation.

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