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p. a257


A prayer for happiness in heaven

1Spreading them out, untie the snares that hold us, Varuna's
   bonds, the upper and the lower.
  Drive from us evil dream, drive off misfortune; then let us go in-
   to the world of virtue.
2If thou art bound with cord or tied to timber, fixt in the earth,
   or by a word imprisoned,
  Our Agni Gārhapatya here shall free thee, and lead thee up into
   the world of virtue.
3The two auspicious stars whose name is called Releasers have
   gone up.
  Send Amrit hither, let it come freeing the captive from his
4Open thyself, make room: from bonds thou shalt release the
  Freed, like an infant newly born, dwell in all pathways where
   thou wilt.

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