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A charm to be used at child-birth

1Vashat to thee. O Pūshan At this birth let Aryaman the Sage
   perform as Hotar-priest, p. a12
  As one who bears in season let this dame be ready to bring forth
   her child.
2Four are the regions of the sky, and four the regions of the
  The Gods have brought the babe; let them prepare the woman
   for the birth.
3Puerpera (infatem) detegat: nos uterum aperimus. Lexa teipsam,
   puerpera. Tu, parturiens! emitte eum non carni, non adipi,
   non medullae adhāerntem.
4Descendat viscosa placenta, cani, comedenda placenta; decidat
5Diffindo tuum urinae ductum, diffindo vaginam, diffindo inguina.
   Matrem natumque divido, puerum a placenta divido: decidat
6Sicut ventus, sicut mens, sicut alites volant, sic, decem mensium
   puer, cum placenta descende: descendat placenta.

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