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p. a11


Absolution of a sinner after intercession with Varuna

1This Lord is the Gods' ruler; for the wishes of Varuna the King
   must be accomplished.
  Therefore, triumphant with the prayer I utter, I rescue this man
   from the Fierce One's anger.
2Homage be paid, King Varuna, to thine anger; for thou, dread
  God, detectest every falsehood.
  I send a thousand others forth together: let this thy servant live
   a hundred autumns.
3Whatever falsehood thou hast told, much evil spoken with the
  I liberate thee from the noose of Varuna the righteous King.
4I free thee from Vaisvānara, from the great surging flood of sin.
  Call thou thy brothers, Awful One! and pay attention to our

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