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NOW we shall have the planets powerful when they are ruling in a house, or in exaltation, or triplicity, or term, or face, without combustion of what is direct in the figure of the heavens, viz. when they are in angles, especially of the rising, or tenth, or in houses presently succeeding, or in their delights; but we must take heed that they are not in the bounds or under the dominion of Saturn or Mars, lest they be in dark degrees, in pits, or vacuities. You shall observe that the angles of the ascendant, and tenth, and seventh be fortunate; as also the lord of the ascendant, and place of the Sun and Moon, and place of the part of fortune, and the lord thereof, the lord of the foregoing conjunction and prevention. But that they of the malignant planet fall unfortunate; unless happily they be significators of thy work, or can be of any advantage to thee, or in thy revolution or birth they had the predominance, for then they are not at all to be depressed. Now we shall have the Moon powerful if she be in her house, or exaltation, or triplicity, or face, or in degree convenient for the desired work; and if it hath a mansion of these twenty-eight, suitable to itself and the work, let her not in the way be burnt up, 1 nor slow in course--let her not be in the eclipse, or burnt by the Sun, unless she be in unity with the Sun--let her not descend in the southern latitude, when she goeth out of the burning--neither let her be opposite to the Sun, nor deprived of light--let her not be hindered by Mars or Saturn.


149:1 Via Combusta.

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