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§ 2. Concerning the Rite of Conjuration, from the Lemegeton

In communicating with the seventy-two spirits, the age of the Moon should be observed, for it is affirmed on the authority of Solomon that all days are profitable save the second, fourth, sixth, ninth, tenth, twelfth or fourteenth of that luminary.

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The seals must be made of metals; those of the chief kings should be of gold; marquises, of silver; dukes, of copper; prelates, of tin or silver; knights, of lead; presidents, of fixed quicksilver; 1 and earls, of silver and copper in equal parts. The entire cohort is governed by AMAYMON, King of the

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East; CORSON, King of the West; ZIMINAR, King of the North; and GAAP, King of the South. These may be bound from 9 A.M. till noon, but, except on occasions of great importance, should not be invoked themselves, as they act commonly by their inferiors. Marquises may be bound from 3 to 9 P.M. and from sunset to sunrise; dukes from sunrise till noon, in

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clear weather; prelates in any hour of the day; knights only from dawn till sunrise, or from 4 P.M. till sunset; presidents in any daylight hour up to the evening twilight; counts and earls in any hour of the day, but it must be in the woods and forests, or in a place that is free from noise and far from the resort of

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men. The ceremonial circle must be drawn towards that side to which the spirit who is to be called is attributed. 1 The triangle into which Solomon summoned the rebellious demons must be made two feet outside this circle and three feet over it. The double seal and pentagram of Solomon must be drawn on a parchment of calf-skin, or otherwise on gold or silver,

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and should be worn upon the white vestment of the operator, together with the seal of the spirit, which must be exhibited on his appearance--to compel obedience and assumption of the human form. In addition to these characters, the secret seal of Solomon must be drawn with the blood of a black cock that has never engendered, on virgin parchment, the operator himself being clean within and without, having abstained from sexual intercourse for the space of one month and having


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obtained pardon for his sins by means of fasting and prayer. 1 It is to be composed on a Tuesday or Saturday at midnight, with the Moon increasing in Virgo, and with burning of perfumes of aloes, resin, cedar and alum.

The other directions correspond broadly to those prescribed in the second chapter. There is the rod or sceptre; the sword; the mitre or cap; a long robe of white linen; a girdle of lion's skin, three inches wide and inscribed with the names which appear in the outer circle of practice; material for the

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fumigations; oil to anoint the temples and eyes; and clean water for the ablution. The Prayer at Lustration is simply the versicle of David:--Thou shall purge me with hyssop, O Lord, and I shall be cleansed; Thou shall wash me and I shall be made whiter than snow.


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By the figurative mystery of this holy vestment, I will clothe me with the armour of salvation in the strength of the Most High, ANCOR, AMICAR, AMIDES, THEODONIAS, ANITOR, that so the end which I desire may be effected, O ADONAI, through Thy strength, to whom be praise and glory for ever and ever1

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Prayers should also be offered in harmony with the intention of the operator before pronouncing the forms of evocation, as follows--

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I invoke and conjure thee, O Spirit N., and, fortified with the power of the Supreme Majesty, I strongly command thee by BARALAMENSIS, BALDACHIENSIS, PAUMACHIE, APOLORESEDES and the most potent princes GENIO, LIACHIDE, Ministers of the Tartarean Seat, chief princes of the seat of APOLOGIA in the ninth region; I exorcise and command thee, O Spirit N., by Him Who spake and it was done, by the Most Holy and glorious Names ADONAI, EL, ELOHIM, ELOHE, ZEBAOTH, ELION, ESCHERCE, JAH, TETRAGRAMMATON, SADAI: do thou forthwith appear and shew thyself unto me, here before this circle, in a fair and human shape, without any deformity or horror; do thou come forthwith, from whateverpart of the world, and make rational answers to my questions; come presently, come visibly, come affably, manifest that which I desire, being conjured by the Name of the Eternal, Living and True God, HELIOREM; I conjure thee also by the particular and true Name of thy God to whom thou owest thine obedience; by the name of the King who rules over thee, do thou come without tarrying; come, fulfil my desires; persist unto the end, according, to mine intentions.

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I conjure thee by Him to Whom all creatures are obedient, by this ineffable Name, TETRAGRAMMATON JEHOVAH, by which the elements are overthrown, the air is shaken, the sea turns back, the fire is generated, the earth moves and all the hosts of things celestial, of things terrestrial, of things infernal, do tremble and are confounded together; speak unto me visibly and affably in a clear, intelligible voice, free from ambiguity. Come therefore in the name ADONAI ZEBAOTH; come, why dost thou tarry? ADONAI SADAY, King of kings, commands thee.

This being repeated frequently, if the spirit do not yet appear, say as follows:--


I invoke, conjure and command thee, O Spirit N., to appear and shew thyself visibly before this circle, in fair and comely shape, without deformity or guile, by the Name Of ON; by the Name Y and V, which Adam heard and spake; by the Name Of JOTH, which Jacob learned from the Angel on the night of his wresting and was delivered from the hands of his brother Esau; by the Name of God AGLA, which Lot heard and was saved with his family; by the Name ANEHEXETON, which Aaron spake and was made wise; by the Name SCHEMES AMATHIA, which Joshua invoked and the Sun stayed upon his course; by the Name EMMANUEL, which the three children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, chanted in the midst of the fiery furnace, and they were delivered; by the Name ALPHA and OMEGA, which Daniel uttered, and destroyed Bel and the Dragon; by the Name ZEBAOTH, which Moses named, and all the rivers and waters in the land of Egypt brought forth frogs, which ascended into the houses of the Egyptians, destroying all

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things; by the Name ESCERCHIE ARISTON, which also Moses named, and the rivers and waters in the land of Egypt were turned into blood; by the Name ELION, on which Moses called, and there fell a great hail, such as never was seen since the creation of the world; by the Name ADONAI, which Moses named, and there came up locusts over all the land of Egypt and devoured what the hail had left; by the Name HAGIOS, by the Seal of ADONAI, by those others, which are JETROS, ATHENOROS, PARACLETUS; by the three Holy and Secret Names, AGLA, ON, TETRAGRAMMATON; by the dreadful Day of Judgment; by the changing Sea of Glass which is before the face of the Divine Majesty, mighty and powerful; by the four beasts before the Throne, having eyes before and behind; by the fire which is about the Throne, by the Holy Angels of Heaven, by the Highly Wisdom of God; by the Seat of BASDATHEA, by this Name PRIMEMATUM, which Moses named, and the earth opened and swallowed Corah, Dathan and Abiram; do thou make faithful answers unto all my demands, and perform all my desires, so far as thine office shall permit. Come therefore peaceably and affably; come visibly and without delay; manifest that which I desire; speak with a clear and intelligible voice, that I may understand thee.

If he come not at the rehearsing of these Conjurations, as without doubt he will, proceed as follows, it being a Constraint:--


I conjure thee, O spirit N., by all the most glorious and efficacious Names of the Great and Incomparable Lord the God of Hosts, come quickly and without delay, front whatsoever part

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of the world thou art in; make rational answers to my demands; come visibly, speak affably, speak intelligibly to my understanding. I conjure and constrain thee, O Spirit N., by all the aforesaid Names, as also by those seven other Names wherewith Solomon bound thee and thy fellows in the brazen vessels to wit, ADONAI, PRERAI, TETRAGRAMMATON, ANEXHEXETON, INESSENSATOAL, PATHUMATON and ITEMON; do thou manifest before this circle, fulfil my will in all things that may seem good to me. Be disobedient, refuse to come, and by the power of the Supreme Being, the everlasting Lord, that God Who created thee and me, the whole world, with all contained therein, in the space of six days; by EYE, by SARAY, by the virtue of the Name PRIMEMATUM, which commands the whole host of Heaven; be disobedient, and behold I will curse and deceive thee of thine office, thy joy and thy place; I will bind thee in the depths of the bottomless pit, there to remain until the Day of the Last judgment. I will chain thee in the Lake of Eternal Fire, in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, unless thou come quickly, appearing before this circle, to do my will Come, therefore, in the Holy Names ADONAI, ZEBAOTH, AMIORAM; come, ADONAI commands thee.

Should he still fail to appear, you may be sure that he has been sent by his King to some other place. Invoke, therefore, the King to despatch his servant as follows:--


O thou great and powerful King AMAYMON, Who rulest by the power of the Supreme God, EL, over all Spirits, superior and inferior, but especially over the Infernal Order in the Dominion of the East, I invoke and command thee by the

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particular and true Name of God, by the God Whom thou dost worship, by the Seal of thy creation, O the most mighty and powerful Name of God, JEHOVAH, TETRAGRAMMATON, Who cast thee out of Heaven with the rest of the Infernal Spirits; by all the other potent and great Names of God, Creator of Heaven, Earth and Hell, of all contained therein; by their powers and virtues; by the Name PRIMEMATUM, which commands the whole host of Heaven. Do thou force and compel the Spirit N. here before this circle, in a fair and comely shape, without injury to myself or to any creature, that he may give me true and faithful answer, so that I may accomplish my desired end, whatsoever it be, provided that it is proper to his office, by the power of God, EL, Who hath created and doth dispose of all things, celestial, aërial, terrestrial and infernal.

Having twice or thrice invoked the King in this manner, again conjure the spirit, using the previous forms, and rehearsing them several times, whereupon he will come assuredly. Yet should he fail, be convinced that he is bound with chains in hell, and is not in the custody of his King. To set him free it is necessary to recite


O thou wicked and disobedient N., because thou hast not obeyed or regarded the words which I have rehearsed, the glorious and incomprehensible Names of the true God, Maker of all things in the world, now I, by the power of these Names, which no creature can resist, do curse thee into the depths of the Bottomless Pit, to remain until the Day of Doom, in the Hell of unquenchable fire and brimstone, unless thou shalt forthwith appear in this triangle, before this circle, to do my

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will. Come, therefore, quickly and peaceably, by the Names ADONAI, ZEBAOTH, ADONAI, AMIORAM. Come, come, ADONAI, King, of commands thee.

Having read so far, if he come not, write his seal on parchment; put it in a black box, with brimstone, assafœtida and other stinking perfumes; bind the said box with iron wire, hang it on the point of your sword, hold it over the fire of charcoal, which shall have been placed towards that quarter whence the spirit will Come, and say first unto the Fire:--I conjure thee, O Fire, by Him Who made thee, and all other creatures in the world, to torment, burn, and consume this Spirit N. everlastingly.


Because thou art disobedient, and obeyst not my commandments nor the precepts of the Lord thy God, now I, who am the servant of the Most High and Imperial Lord God of Hosts, JEHOVAH, having His celestial power and permission, for this thine averseness and contempt, thy great disobedience and rebellion, will excommunicate thee, will destroy thy name and seal, which I have in this box, will burn them with unquenchable fire and bury them in unending oblivion, unless thou comest immediately, visibly and affably, here before this circle, within this triangle, assuming a fair and comely form, without doing harm unto myself or any creature whatsoever, but giving, reasonable answer to m requests and performing, my desire in all things.

If he appear not at this point, say as follows:--

Thou art still pernicious and disobedient, willing not to appear and inform me upon that which I desire to know; now therefore, in the Name and by the power and dignity of the

p. 233

[paragraph continues] Omnipotent and Immortal Lord God of Hosts, JEHOVAH TETRAGRAMMATON, sole Creator of Heaven, Earth and Hell, with all contained therein, the marvellous Disposer of all things visible and invisible, I do hereby curse and deprive thee of all thine office, power and place; I bind thee in the depth of the Bottomless Pit, there to remain unto the Day of judgment, in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, prepared for the rebellious Spirits. May all the Company of Heaven curse thee; may the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Light of the Hosts of Heaven, curse thee into fire unquenchable, into torments unspeakable; and even as thy name and seal are bound up in this box, to be choked with sulphureous and stinking substances and to burn in this material fire, so, in the Name of JEHOVAH, and by the power and dignity of the three Names, TETRAGRAMMATON, ANEXHEXETON, PRIMEMATUM, may all these drive thee, O thou disobedient Spirit N., into the Lake of Fire, prepared for the damned and accursed Spirits, there to remain until the Day of Doom, remembered no more before the face of that God Who shall come to judge the quick and the dead, with the whole world, by fire.

Set the box in the flame, whereupon he will appear; when he comes, quench the fire, make sweet perfumes, give him good entertainment, shewing him the pentacle on the hem of your vestment covered with a linen cloth, and saying:--Behold thy confusion, if thou be disobedient. Behold the Pentacle of Solomon which I have brought into thy presence. Behold the person of the Exorcist, who is called OCTINIMOES, in the midst of the Exorcism, armed by God and fearless, potently invoking and calling. Make, therefore, reasonable answers to my demands; be obedient to me, thy Master, in the Name of the Lord BATHAL, rushing upon ABRAC, ABEOR, coming upon BEROR.

p. 234

He will become obedient and bid you ask what you will, for he is made subject by God to your purpose. When he shews himself humble and meek, say:--Welcome, Spirit (or, most noble King), welcome art thou unto me; I have called through Him Who created Heaven, Earth and Hell, with all contained therein, and thou hast obeyed, also by the like power. I bind thee to remain affably and visibly before this circle, within this triangle, so long as I need thee, to depart not without my license, till thou hast truly and faithfully fulfilled all that I shall require.


O Spirit N., because thou hast diligently answered my demands, I do hereby license thee to depart, without injury to man or beast. Depart, I say, and be thou willing and ready to come, whensoever duly exorcised and con red by the Sacred Rites of Magic. I conjure thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and may the peace of God continue for ever between me and thee. Amen.

Go not out of the circle till he be gone, but make prayers to God for the great blessing He has bestowed upon you by thus granting your desires and delivering you from the malice of the enemy.

For these verbose and tiresome conjurations the Latin version of Wierus substitutes one general form of citation, in the Name of the Christian Trinity, which is not really an especial anachronism, for the compiler of the Lemegeton was acquainted at least with the books of the New Testament. This is proved by the references in the Second Conjuration

p. 236

to the Living Creatures of the Apocalypse, and it leaves the attribution to Solomon in precisely that state which our respect for a prince in Israel would naturally desire. No doubt, however, the English editor of The Key Major of Magic would see no reason to question the attribution and would explain the anachronism very simply as a late interpolation.

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From Cædmon


221:1 Numerous experiments of the alchemists are concerned with congealing and fixing quicksilver, but there are also "cabalistic" processes by which this substance was prepared expressly for the construction of talismans, and these must not be confused with the more sober--if not more successful--recipes of Hermetic Art. On this point see Les Secrets du Petit Albert. Lyons edition, 1775, pp. 63-65.

222:1 The chief consecrations of the circle are summarised by Francis Barrett in The Key to Ceremonial Magic as follows: Therefore when you would consecrate any place or circle, you should take the Prayer of Solomon used in the dedication and consecration of the Temple; you must likewise bless the place by sprinkling with holy water and with suffumigations, and commemorate in the benediction holy mysteries, such as these: the sanctification of the throne of God, of Mount Sinai, of the Tabernacle of the Covenant, of the Holy of Holies. . . . And by invocating all Divine Names which are significant to this.

225:1 I do not think that an intentional profanation of the sacraments and holy offices of the Church was here intended. This would be ascribing a depth to the motive of the Grimoires which they never possessed.

226:1 VARIANT: Amor, Amacor, Amides, Theodanias, Anitor; by the merits of the angels, O Lord, I will put on the garment of salvation, that this which I desire I may bring to effects through Thee, the Most Holy Adonai, Whose Kingdom endureth for ever and ever. Amen.

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