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XXXI. FORAS, 1 a great president, who appears in the form of a strong man and teaches the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, as well as logic and ethics; he makes men invisible, imparts wit, wisdom and eloquence, discovers treasures and restores things lost.

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XXXII. ASMODAY, 2 a strong and powerful king, appears with three heads, the first like a bull, the second like a man and the third like a ram. He has a serpent's tail, the webbed feet of a goose and he vomits fire. He rides an infernal dragon, carries lance and pennon and is the chief of the power of Amaymon. He must be invoked bareheaded, 3 for otherwise he will deceive. He gives the ring of virtues, teaches arithmetic, geomancy and all handicrafts, answers all questions, makes men invisible, indicates the places of concealed treasures and guards them, if within the dominion of Amaymon.

XXXII. GAAP, 4 a great president and prince, appears when the sun is in the southern signs, coming in a human shape and preceded by four powerful kings. He teaches philosophy

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and the liberal sciences, excites love and hatred, makes men insensible, gives instruction in the consecration of those things which belong to the divination of Amaymon, his king, delivers familiars out of the custody of other Magicians, gives true answers as to past, present and future, transports and returns men speedily from place to place at the will of the exorcist. He was of the Order of the Powers. 1

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XXXIV. FURFUR, a great earl, appears in the form of a hart, with a fiery tail, and will not open his mouth till compelled within the triangle. 2 He then assumes the form of an angel, speaking with a hoarse voice. He causes love between man and wife, raises thunder, lightning and great winds, gives true answers about secret and divine things.

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XXXV. MARCHOSIAS, a mighty marquis, appears in the form of a wolf 3 with the wings of a griffin, a serpent's tail and fire issuing from. his mouth. At the command of the operator he assumes a human form. He is strong in battle, gives true answers to all questions and is extremely

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faithful to the exorcist. He belongs to the Order of Dominations. 1

XXXVI. SOLAS or STOLAS, a powerful prince, appears in the likeness of a raven and then as a man. He teaches the art of astronomy and the virtues of herbs and stones.

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XXXVII. PHŒNIX, a great marquis, appears like the bird of that name, singing dulcet notes in a child's voice. 2 When he assumes human shape at the will of the Magician, he speaks marvellously of all sciences, proves an excellent poet and fulfils orders admirably. He hopes to return to the Seventh Thrones in 1200 years.

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XXXVIII. HALPAS, a great earl, appears in the form of a stockdove, speaking with a hoarse voice. He burns towns, 3

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visits the wicked with the sword and can send men to fields of war or to other places.


205:1 Otherwise, Forcas.

205:2 A Called also Sydonay.

205:3 And in a standing position (Wierus).

205:4 Alias, Tap and Goap.

206:1 A longer codes: says that there were certain exorcists who offered burnt sacrifices to Gaap and invoked him according to formulae which they pretended to derive from Solomon, but their real author was Cham, the first who after the flood began to invoke evil spirits.

206:2 According to Wierus, he will speak outside the triangle, but what he says will be false.

206:3 Otherwise, a cruel she-wolf.

207:1 And expects to return to the Seventh Thrones after 1200 years, but is deceived therein (Wierus).

207:2 But this is the voice of the syren, so the exorcist must beware, and those also who are with him.

207:3 Or, according to Wierus, builds them and fills them with armed men.

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