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Concerning the Descending Hierarchy

§ 1. The Names and Offices of Evil Spirits

IN all matters of ceremonial the inspiration of the Grimoires must be sought in the Key of Solomon proper, but for the names and offices of the demons it must be sought in the Lesser Key. The hierarchy, according to the Lemegeton, with its accompanying evoking processes, will be given in the fourth chapter, as there is no special reason for separating it from the practical context. I shall therefore deal in this place with the simpler though later summaries, which will prevent these curious issues from being confused.

The Book of True Black Magic, like its prototype the original Clavicle, gives no account of the nature of the Spirits with which it professes to deal, and, as already seen, it breaks off abruptly at the point where the conjuring formulae should follow to complete the work. This Secret of Secrets, as the Grimoires term the methods for raising and discharging spirits, being omitted, it may now be dismissed from consideration till we come to the minor processes of Ceremonial Magic, chiefly venereal and fantastic, which are grouped in the eighth chapter.

The Grimoire of Honorius mentions by name four kings, referred to the cardinal points, and seven lesser spirits to be invoked on the days of the week, but as will appear later on, there is no explicit notice of the Descending Hierarchy. These

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deficiencies are supplied by the Grimorium Verum and the Grand Grimoire.

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As regards spirits, says the former, some are superior and others inferior. The three superior are Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth. According to the latter, Lucifer is Emperor; Beelzebuth, Prince; and Astaroth, Grand Duke. They must be invoked by means of the characters which they themselves have made known, and these characters must be written with the blood of the operator, or with that of a sea-tortoise. Failing this, they may be engraved on an emerald or ruby, for both these stones have great sympathy with spirits, especially with those of the solar race, who are wiser,

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better and more friendly than the rest. 1 The character must be worn upon the person; in the case of a male, it should be placed in the right pocket, but a female must carry it between the breasts, towards the left side, like a reliquary. It should be graven or written on the day and in the hour of Mars for both sexes, and apparently in the case of each of the three spirits.

The lord commands the servants, so the Grimoire proceeds, and these three spirits can do all things. But the operator is advised that he shall obey those who obey him, because the exalted and powerful spirits serve only their confidants and intimate friends. He is further grimly warned to keep upon his guard lest any spirit should seize him unawares. Each of the rulers has two chief officers, who announce to the subjects all things which their lord hath commanded throughout the world, and ordain all that is to be done. The inferiors of Lucifer are Put Satanachia and Agaliarept; they inhabit Europe and Asia. Those of Beelzebuth are Tarchimache and Fleurety; they dwell in Africa. Those of Astaroth are Sargatanas and Nebiros, whose asylum is America, so that this kind of Magic is presumably post-Columbian.

The Grand Grimoire does not distribute the six subordinate spirits among three rulers, but enumerates them somewhat differently, together with their dignities, as follows: 2--

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AGALIAREPT.--Another Commander.



NEBIROS.--Field-Marshal and Inspector-General.

It will be seen that the principalities of Infernus are chiefly represented in the light of a standing army, yet their interference in earthly matters is not of a military kind. LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE has the control, with which Lucifer has invested him, over all the wealth and treasures of the world. His subordinates are Baal1 Agares 2 and Marbas. 3 The grand SATANACHIA has the power of subjecting all wives and maidens to his wishes, and of doing with them as he wills. His subordinates are Pruslas, Aamon 4 and Barbatos5 AGALIAREPT has the faculty of discovering arcane secrets in all the courts and council-chambers of the world; he also unveils the most sublime mysteries. He commands the Second Legion of Spirits, and his subordinates are Buer6 Gusoyn 7 and Botis8 FLEURETY has the power to perform any labour during the night and to cause hailstones

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in any required place. He controls a prodigious army of spirits, and has Bathsin 1 (or Bathim), Pursan and Eligor 2 as his subordinates. SARGATANAS has the power to make any person invisible, to transport him anywhere, to open all locks, to reveal whatsoever is taking place in private houses, to teach all the arts of the shepherds. He commands several Brigades of Spirits, and has Zoray, Valefar and Faraii for his immediate inferiors. NEBIROS has the power to inflict evil on whomsoever he will; he discovers the Hand of Glory and reveals every virtue of metals, minerals, vegetables, as also of all animals, both pure and impure. He possesses the art of predicting things to come, being one of the greatest Necromancers in all the Infernal Hierarchies; he goes to and fro everywhere and inspects the hordes of perdition. His immediate subordinates are Ayperos, Naberrs and Glassyalabolas.

It is added that there are millions of other spirits in subjection to those which have been mentioned, but their enumeration serves no purpose, as they are required only when it pleases the superiors to employ them in their own place, for the latter make use of all the inferior Intelligences like workmen or slaves.

The Grimorium Verum, however, mentions seventeen of the most important subordinate spirits, who seem to correspond with the ministers of the six great leaders mentioned above, but there is little unanimity among makers of magical rituals, whether white or black.

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CLAUNECK has power over goods and riches; he can discover hidden treasures to him

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who makes pact with him; he can bestow great wealth, for he is well loved by Lucifer. He brings money from a distance. Obey him, and he will obey thee.

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MUSISIN has power over great lords; he instructs them in all that passes in the Republics and the realms of the Allies.

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BECHARD has power over winds and tempests, over lightning, hail and rain, by means of a charm with toads and other things of this nature, &c.

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FRIMOST has power over wives and maids, and will help thee to enjoy them.

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KHIL occasions great earthquakes.

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MERSILDE can transport thee instantaneously wheresoever may be desired.

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CLISTHERET makes day or night about thee at pleasure.

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SIRCHADE has power to shew thee all kinds of animals, of whatsoever nature they may be.

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SEGAL causes all manner of prodigies visibly, both natural and supernatural.

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HIEPACTH will bring thee a distant person in an instant.

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HUMOTS can transport all manner of books for thy pleasure.

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FRUCISSIERE brings the dead to life.

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GULAND can cause all varieties of disease.

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SURGAT opens all locks.

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MORAIL has the power to make everything in the world invisible.

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FRUTIMIERE dights thee all kinds of festivals.

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HUICTIIGARA occasions sleep and waking in some, and afflicts others with insomnia.

SATANACHIA and SATANICÆ govern forty-five, or, as some say, fifty-four demons, four of whom are Sergutthy, Heramael, Trimasel and Sustugriel. Two of these rank as chief. The rest are of no great importance.

These are serviceable spirits, who act easily and quickly, provided that they are content with the operator. Sergutthy has power over wives and virgins, when the occasion is favourable. Heramael teaches the art of medicine, gives absolute knowledge of all diseases, with their full and radical cure, makes known all plants in general, the places where they grow, the times of their gathering, their virtues also and their composition for the attainment of a perfect cure. Trimasel teaches chemistry and all sleight of hand. He imparts the

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true secret for confecting the powder of projection which changes imperfect metals--lead, iron, pewter, copper and quicksilver--into true good silver and good gold, namely, Sun and Moon, according to the ferment thereof. Only he must be satisfied with the operator, if the operator would be satisfied with him. Sustugriel teaches magical art; he gives familiar spirits for all things that can be desired, and furnishes mandragores.

Agalierept and Tarihimal govern Elelogap, whose power is over water. The two Nebirots rule Hael and Sergulath. Hael instructs in the art of writing all kinds of letters, gives an immediate power of speaking all kinds of tongues and explains the most secret things. Sergulath furnishes every manner of speculation, teaches tactics and the breaking of hostile ranks. They have eight powerful inferiors. 1. Proculo, who gives sleep for twenty-four hours, with knowledge of the spheres of sleep. 2. Haristum, who gives the power of passing unsinged through the fire. 3. Brulefer, who makes one loved by women. 4. Pentagonony, who renders invisible and also beloved by great lords. 5. Aglasis, who transports through the whole world. 6. Sidrargrosam, who makes girls dance stark naked, 7. Minoson, who insures winning in all games. 8. Bucon, who has the power to excite hatred and jealousy between the two sexes.


186:1 The attribution is somewhat confused; the ruby is a solar stone, but Albertus Parvus attributes the emerald to the Moon, which would establish its connection with evocation.

186:2 The Hierarchy according to Wierus is at variance with both the Rituals, and may be worth quoting on account of its curious details:--

PRINCES AND GRAND DIGNITARIES.--Beelzebuth, Supreme Chief of the Infernal Empire, founder of the Order of the Fly. Satan, Leader of the Opposition. Euronymous, Prince of Death, Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly. Moloch, Prince of the Land of Tears, Grand Cross of the Order. Pluto, Prince of Fire. Leonard, Grand Master of Sabbaths, Knight of the Fly. Baalberith, Minister of Treaties. Proserpine, Arch-she-devil, Sovereign Princess of Mischievous Spirits. MINISTERS.--Adramelek, Lord High Chancellor, Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly. Astaroth, Grand Treasurer. Nergal, Chief of the Secret Police. Baal, p. 187 Commander-in-Chief of the Infernal Armies, Grand Cross of the Order of the Fly. AMBASSADORS.--Belphgor in France, Mammon in England, Belial in Turkey, Rimmon in Russia, Thamus in Spain, Hutgin in Italy, Martinet in Switzerland. JUDGES.--Lucifer, Lord Chief Justice. Alastor, Commissioner of Public Works. ROYAL HOUSEHOLD.--Verdelet, Master of Ceremonies. Succor Benoth, Chief of the Eunuchs. Chamos, Lord High Chamberlain, Knight of the Fly. Melcom, Paymaster. Misroch, Grand Steward. Behemoth, Grand Cup-Bearer. Dagon, Grand Pantler. Mullin, First Gentleman of the Bedchamber. MASTERS OF THE REVELS.--Kobal, Stage Manager. Asmodeus, Superintendent of Casinos. Nybbas, Chief Mimic. Antichrist, juggler and Mimic.

187:1 Baal is the first Spirit of the Lemegeton, and a King ruling in the East.

187:2 The second Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:3 The fifth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:4 Possibly Paimon, ninth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:5 The eighth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:6 The tenth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:7 Eleventh Spirit of the Lemegeton.

187:8 The seventeenth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

188:1 The eighteenth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

188:2 The fifteenth Spirit of the Lemegeton.

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