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§ 5. Concerning Virgin Wax or Virgin Earth 1

The candles used in evocation or in other magical experiences, and the images required for bewitchment, must be composed of virgin wax or virgin earth--that is to say, the substances in question must not have been applied previously to another purpose. 2 Before operating the following words must be recited over the material:--ENTABOR, NATABOR, Si tacibor, ADONAY, AN, LAYAMON, TINARMES, EOS PHILODES. 3 Angels Of God, be ye present! I invoke you in my work, that I may obtain virtue by your mediation and may be perfected very surely. Then recite the Psalms Domine, non est exaltatum cor meum and Domine, quis habitabit4 adding these words: I exorcise thee, creature of wax [or earth], and, by the Creator and God Almighty, Who created all things from nothing by His Most Holy Name, and by His angels, I ordain thee to receive virtue and benediction in His Name, that so thou mayst be sanctified and blessed, thus obtaining that virtue which we desire, by the Most Holy Name ADONAY, which is the life of all creatures, Amen. Asperge the substance with the holy water of the Art, after which preserve it, to make use thereof when needed. So doing, says True Black Magic, thou shalt obtain a sure result in all which thou undertakest. 5


168:1 This process is adapted from the Key of Solomon, Book ii. c. 8.

168:2 The virginity of the wax and the earth is more perfectly ensured by the directions of the Key of Solomon, in accordance with which the operator must dig up the earth with his own hands and reduce it to a paste, using no instrument in case of defilement. The wax must be taken from bees who have made it for the first time.

168:3 These names differ from those in the Key of Solomon, which, however, are, for the most part, equally unintelligible.

168:4 Ps. cxxx. and Ps. xiv. in the Vulgate.

168:5 The Key of Solomon directs that the earth should be freshly dug up on each occasion that it is required.

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