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§ 5. Concerning the External Preparation of the Operator, and secondly Concerning the Vestments

The use of special garments in the ceremonies of Magic follows reasonably enough from the religious character ascribed to these operations. Peter de Abano recommends a priest's garment if possible, by which an alb may be understood. 2

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[paragraph continues] The Book of Black Magic, following the Key of Solomon, and representing the Jewish rite, prescribes an outer vestment like that of the Levites, with the following characters embroidered in red silk upon the breast:--


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All garments, even to the shirt, must be of linen cloth, 1 and when assuming them these words should be recited: ANTON, AMATOR, EMITES, THEODONIEL, PONCOR, PAGOR, ANITOR; 2 by the virtue of these most holy Angelic Names do I clothe myself, O Lord, in my Sabbath garments, that so I may fulfil, even unto their term, all things which I desire to effect through Thee, Most Holy ADONAY, Whose kingdom and rule endure for ever and ever. Amen.

The shoes and hat should be of white leather, bearing the same characters 3 written in cinnabar diluted with gum-water, the pen of the Art being used. The following names must be written about the hat: 4 JEHOVA, behind; ADONAY, on the right hand; ELOY, on the left; and GIBOR, 5 at the front.


148:2 A long garment of white linen, close before and behind, covering the whole body even to the feet, and cinctured by a girdle--such is the ordinance of pseudo-Agrippa.

149:1 According to the Key of Solomon the thread of which they are made should be spun by a young maiden.

149:2 The Key of Solomon renders these names differently, namely: Amor, Amator, Amides, Ideodaniach, Pamor, Plaior, Anitor; for Sabbath garments it substitutes Vestments of Power.

149:3 Special characters are given for the garment and the shoes by the Clavicle. They bear no analogy to anything in the Grimoire.

149:4 For the hat or bonnet a crown is prescribed in the Clavicle, and it should be made of virgin paper.

149:5 In place of these words the Key of Solomon substitutes El and Elohim.

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