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(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested only by the Angels or by the Guardian Angel.

(b) ORIENS, PAYMON, ARITON, and AMAYMON execute the Operations hereof by means of their Common Ministers.

(c) The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) Take the Symbol in your hand, place it under your hat or cap, upon the top of your head, and you will be secretly answered by the Spirit who will execute that which you wish. (This mode of operation will evidently be applicable to many of the Chapters.)

(e) No. 1 is a Square of 25 Squares, and is a complete specimen of double Acrostic arrangement. MILON, though Greek-sounding, has here hardly a meaning if derived from either MILOS, a fruit or other tree; or from MEILON, a precious thing, or article of value.--It seems rather derived from the Hebrew MLVN = a diversity of things, or matters.--IRAGO is perhaps from Greek EIRA a question, or inquiry, and AGO to conduct or decide. Hebrew RGO = to disrupt or analyse.--LAMAL, probably from Chaldaic MLA = fulness, entirety. OGARI from Hebrew OGR = a swallow or swiftly-flying thing. NOLIM from Hebrew, NOLIM = hidden or covered things. Whence we may extract the following as the formula of this Square: "Various questions fully examined and analysed, and that quickly, and even things carefully hidden and concealed ". This rule we can apply to discover the formulas of other Squares.

No. 2 is a Square of 49 Squares, and is also a complete Specimen

p. 170

of double Acrostic.--THIRAMA from Chaldee TIRM = strongly-defended places, or Citadels.--HIGANAM from Hebrew or Chaldee GNN or GNM = to defend.--IGOGANA, perhaps from Hebrew GG = a roof or covering or protection from above.--RAGIGAR, perhaps from Chaldaic ROO (it must be remembered that, though I here transliterate the letter Ayin by O, it has really the power of a Gh as well; it is a sound difficult of comprehension by a non-Orientalist); = to break up, or breach.--ANAGOGI probably from Greek ANAGOGE the act of raising or elevating.--MANAGIH from Hebrew MNO to restrain; stop, put a barrier to, or contain by a barrier.--AMARIHT from Hebrew AMRTh = Word or Speech.--The whole idea of this Formula seems to be the making forcible way into a defended place or matter.

No. 3 is a Square of 25 Squares, and again a perfect form of double Acrostic. DOREH, from DVR Hebrew = a habitation.--ORIRE perhaps from Latin ORIOR = to rise or be born.--RINIR perhaps from Hebrew NIR = to renew.--ERIRO perhaps from ARR to curse.--HEROD from Hebrew ChRD = shaking, trembling.

No. 4 is a Square of 25 Squares, and again a perfect double Acrostic.--NABHI from Hebrew NBA = to prophesy.--ADAIH perhaps from Heb. DIH. = a bird of omen. BAKAB from Heb. KAB = in trouble. HIADA from Hebrew IDH = sent forward, or thrown. IHBAN from IHB Hebrew = to give or bring. Hence the formula would be somewhat "To prophesy by omens the troubles to come"; the which is much more applicable to No. 6, "The Tribulations to come"; than to No. 4, which is for "The Things to happen in War".

No. 5 is a double Acrostic of 49 Squares.--NVDETON from Hebrew ND = to remove, and AThN = strongly.--VSILARO from Hebrew BSHL = to ripen, and Chaldaic ARO = the Earth.--DIREMAT from Hebrew DR = to encompass or include, and MT = things forgotten or slipped aside. ELEMELE from Hebrew ALIM and ALH=God of the Mighty Ones.--TAMERID from Hebrew ThMR = straight like a palm-tree, and ID = put forward.--ORALISV = from Hebrew = ORL = superfluous, and ISh the substance.--NOTEDVN, from NTH = to stretch out and DN to contend or rule.

No. 6 is a double Acrostic of 36 Squares.--SARAPI from Hebrew ShRP = to burn.--ARAIRP from Hebrew AR = a river, and RPH = to abate or slacken.--RAKKIA from Hebrew RKK = to become faint, to become softened.--AIKKAR from Hebrew OKR = to trouble or disturb.--PRIARA from PRR = to shatter or break up.--IPARAS from Hebrew PRS = to break in pieces, to divide, or part in sunder. This will give a formula of trouble.

No. 7 is a double Acrostic of 36 Squares.--MALACH from Hebrew MLCh = Salt; also that which is easily dissolved; to

p. 171

dissolve.--AMANEC from MNK = a chain, or from AMN = stability.--LANANA from LNN = to lodge, or take up one's abode.--ANANAL from AN = labour, and NLH, to complete or finish.--CENAMA perhaps from QNM = odoriferous. HCALAM perhaps from HCL = spacious (as a palace).

No. 8 is a double Acrostic of 25 Squares.--KOSEM, from Hebrew QSM = to divine or prognosticate.--OBODE, from Hebrew OBD = a servant.--SOFOS from Greek SOPHOS = wise, learned, skilful.--EDOBO, perhaps from DB = to murmur.--MESOK from Hebrew MSK = to mingle or intermix.

No. 9 is a double Acrostic of 36 Squares.--ROTHER is perhaps from RTT, Trembling, Dread; and HRR to conceive or bring forth.--ORORIE from Hebrew OROR = laying bare, disclosing.--TOARAH from Hebrew ThVRH = Law, Reason, or Order of.--HARAOT from Hebrew HRH to bring forth, or from ChRTh = To inscribe or mark down.--REHTOR from RTT and ThVR = reason for dread.--The whole formula will represent the disclosing of the reasons for dreading any terrible effect.

No. 10 is another double Acrostic of 64 Squares, and No. 11 one of 49 Squares. I have here given a sufficiently careful analysis of the meanings of the combinations formed by the letters in the preceding Squares to give the Reader a general idea of the formulas involved. To avoid an undue extension of these notes, I shall not usually analyse every name contained in each Square, but shall confine myself in most cases to giving sufficient indications of the meanings of the principal words or words only, which are therein employed. The Reader must remember also that in such an Acrostic arrangement of the letters of words, half of those therein contained will simply be inversions of the principal word or words therein contained. For example, in No. 11, REAHBEM is of course MEBHAER written backwards.--ELIAILE reads the same way backwards or forwards, and so does HAOROAH; and BIKOSIA written backwards gives AISOKIB. Yet undoubtedly some of these words are to an extent translatable also, and in this case will be found to have a bearing on the subject-matter of the Square. Hebrew especially is a language in which this method will be found to work with a readiness unattainable in ordinary European languages, from the fact that its Alphabet may be said to be entirely Consonantal in character, even such letters as Aleph, Vau, and Yōd, being rather respectively, a drawing in of the breath than the letter A; V rather than U; and Y rather than I. Also in common with all really ancient languages the system of Verbal Roots from which all the words of the language are derived, has this effect, viz., that the majority of combinations of two or three letters will be found to be a Verbal Root, bearing a definite meaning. Besides all this, in the Qabalah each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet is treated as having a complete sphere

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of hieroglyphic meanings of its own; whence the most important ancient Hebrew Names and Words can be treated by the Qabalistic Initiate as in fact so many formulas of Spiritual force. I have been thus lengthy in explanation in order that the Reader may have some idea of the reason of the construction and use of these Magic Squares.

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