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THE following Notes to these Chapters I have classed under various heads for greater convenience of reference, thinking that besides the explanations of most of the Magical Names employed in the Symbols, it would also be of assistance to the Occult student to be able to see at a glance briefly stated at the end of each Chapter, the substance of the information especially referring thereto, given by Abraham the Jew in other parts of the work, notably towards the end of the Second Book:--

Under (a) therefore I have stated by what Powers the Symbols of each particular Chapter are manifested.

Under (b) the Names of the Sub-Princes of the Evil Spirits who are the especial overseers of the execution of the effect desired.

Under (c) whether the Operations of the Chapter in question can be to an extent performed by the "Familiar Spirits," or not.

Under (d) an abridgment of any especial instructions given by Abraham in other parts of the work.

Under (e) I have given the meanings of most of the Names employed in the Squares, as far as possible, and also any additional remarks which seemed necessary.

These Magical Symbols of this Third Book consist solely of Squares of Letters, which may be roughly divided into four distinct classes.

(1) Those in which the whole of the Square is occupied by Letters. In this form the double Acrostic arrangement is especially marked; though in some few cases it is slightly varied by the introduction of a different name.

(2) Those in which part of the Square is left vacant, the Letters being arranged in the form of what is called in Geometry, a Gnomon.

(3) Those in which the central part of the Square is left vacant, the Letters forming a border round the void part.

(4) Those of more irregular disposition, and in which in some instances single Letters are placed separately in the vacant part of the Square.

It will be remarked that in nearly all cases these Names arranged in the Squares represent generally the effect to be produced, or in other words are simply the Hebrew or other appellations of the result to which the Square is to be applied. At the beginning of each Chapter is placed a numbered list of the effects to be obtained by the use of each Symbol there given, Then follow the Squares themselves.

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In the Original MS. these Squares have been also numbered to correspond with the list at the beginning of each Chapter, but from the evident difference in the ink this has been done later, though the handwriting is the same. I think also that in several cases the numbers to the Squares have been misplaced; and though usually the natural Sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is adhered to, yet occasionally they are in a more irregular order, as in the 5th Chapter, for example, where they run thus:--3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

The Squares in the Original MS. are all of the same size, subdivided according to the exigences of the case, though convenience of printing has prevented this equality of size being adhered to in the present work. In most instances the Gnomons and Borders are ruled off from the vacant part, but this rule is not adhered to in all cases in the Original MS. The Letters in the Squares are Roman Capitals. In some few instances two letters are placed in the same small Square, or subdivision, of the larger Square.

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