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p. 142


Chapter I. (To know all manner of things Past and Future, which be not however directly opposed to God, and to His Most Holy Will.)

First take the Symbol in your hand, place it (upon the top of your head) under your hat, and either you will be secretly warned by the Spirit, or he will execute that which you have the intention of commanding him to do.


(This next instruction is given in the MS. as relating to Chapter II., but it evidently is more appropriate to:--)

Chapter III. (To cause any Spirit to appear, and take any form, such as of Man, Animal, Bird, etc.)

Take in your hand the Symbol, and name the Spirit, who will appear in the form commanded.


(The next following information evidently has reference to the Symbols of the Fifth Chapter, but there is no number subjoined as in the other cases in the original MS.:--)

Chapter V. (How we may retain the Familiar Spirits bond or free, in whatsoever form.)

We must understand that every man may have Four Familiar or Domestic Spirits, and no more. These Spirits can serve you in many ways, and they are granted unto you by the Sub-Princes.

The First hath his period of power from Sunrise until Noon.

The Second, from Noon until the Setting of the Sun.

p. 143

The Third, from the Setting of the Sun until Midnight.

And the Fourth, from Midnight even unto the Sun-rising of the following Day.

He who possesseth them is free to avail himself of their services under whatever form may be pleasing unto him.

Of this kind of Spirits there s an infinite number, who at the time of their fall were condemned to serve man; and to each man there be four of them destined and each one is obliged to serve during a period of Six Hours, and in the case of your giving one over unto some other person, you can no longer avail yourself of his services, but in order to replace him during his time of service, you may call upon some other Spirit. And should you wish to send away one of the said Spirits before the Six Hours during which he is on Guard be expired, it sufficeth for you to make him some sign that he can go, and at once he will obey. But when the Six Hours of their Guard be expired, the aforesaid Spirits will depart of their own accord without demanding your permission, and the next in rotation will successively take the place (of his predecessor). But if you have given one away (unto another person), you will employ one of the common kind in his place. 1

Chapter VIII. (To excite Tempests.)

If you should wish to excite Tempests, give the Signal above your head (and touch the Symbol on the top); and when you wish to make them cease, you shall touch it on the underneath side.

Chapter IX. (To transform Animals into Men, and Men into Animals, etc.)

p. 144

Let the being, whether Man or Animal, see the Symbol, and then touch them suddenly with it, when they will appear transformed; but this will be only a species of Fascination. When you wish to make it cease, you shall put the Symbol upon the head (of the being) and strike it with the Wand, and the Spirit will then restore matters to their former condition.

Chapter XI. (To cause all kinds of Books to be brought to one, and whether lost or stolen.)

Our predecessors, from the commencement of the World, have written many and divers excellent Books of the Qabalah, whose value surpasseth that of all the riches of the World. These Books have been for the most part lost by the Providence or Command of God, who hath not been willing that His High Mysteries should be made public by such means; seeing that hereby through such Books the Worthy and Unworthy can equally arrive at the enjoyment and possession of the Secret things of the Lord. Some also have been burned in fires, or swept away by the Waters, and other similar accidents (have occurred) through the Evil Spirits, who are jealous of Man's possessing such great treasures, and of being obliged to obey him. But this Third Part (of this Book), that is to say the Sacred Magic, is that which hath not been entirely lost, but the greater part hath been hidden and built up within a wall, and this hath happened by order of the Good Spirits, who have not permitted this Art to altogether perish, being willing that he who should (desire the same) should employ honourable means to obtain the same from the True and only God, and not from that Perfidious One and Deceiver, the Devil, and his following.

This Operation being completed in the proper manner, you will be able to see and to read these Books; but it is not permitted unto you to copy them, nor to keep them in your memory more than once. As for myself I have made every effort to copy them, but as

p. 145

fast as I wrote, the writing used to disappear from the page; whence you may conclude that the Lord knowing our nature, which is inclined unto Evil, doth not wish that such great Treasures should be employed to serve unto that end, 1 and unto the destruction of the Human Race.

Chapter XII. (To know the Secrets of any person.)

For this Operation it sufficeth to touch the Symbol, for at once the Spirit doth whisper the reply in your ear; but should you comprehend by such a means anything vile, whatever it may be, as you love the Grace of the Lord, see that you keep yourself from making manifest that which (you have obtained by the use of) the Symbol, seeing that by so doing you might work harm unto your neighbour. Every time that you touch the Symbol you should mention by name the person whose Secrets you desire to know.

Chapter XIII. (To cause a dead body to revive, and perform all the functions which a living person would do, and this during a space of Seven Years, by means of the Spirits.)

I can in truth both say and affirm that a man who hath just died is divided into Three Parts, viz.: Body, Soul, and Spirit. The Body returneth unto the Earth, the Soul unto God or unto the Devil, and the Spirit hath its period determined by its Creator, that is to say, the Sacred Number of Seven Years, during the which it is permitted to wander hither and thither in any direction; at length it taketh its decision, 2 and goeth straightway

p. 146

unto the place whence it came forth (at the beginning). To change the condition of the Soul is impossible, but the Grace of the Lord, for many causes and reasons which it is not here permitted unto me to make manifest, hath been willing to permit that, with the aid of the Spirits, we may force the Spirit to return and to conjoin itself again with the Body, so that for the space of Seven Years it can operate any matter. And although this Spirit and the Body joined together can perform all the functions and exercises which they used to execute when the Body, the Soul and the Spirit were together, yet is it only an imperfect Body, being in this case without the Soul.

This Operation is, however, one of the greatest, and one which we should only perform in extraordinarily important cases; seeing that in order to accomplish it the Chief Spirits have to operate.

Nothing else is necessary than to be attentive to the moment when the Man is just dead, and then to place the Symbol upon him towards the Four Quarters of the World; 1 and at once he will lift himself up and begin to move himself. He should then be dressed; and a Symbol similar to that which hath been placed upon him should be sewn into his garment. Know also that when the Seven Years be expired, the Spirit which was conjoined with the Body will at once depart, and that we cannot further prolong the period of the aforesaid Seven Years. I made proof of this Operation in the Morea for the Duke of Saxonia, who had only children who were minors, and the eldest was between twelve and thirteen

p. 147

years of age, unfit for the government and management of his estate, the which his own relatives would have seized upon and appropriated unto themselves; and by this means I provided (against the contingency), and prevented that estate from falling into other hands.

Chapter XIV. (The Twelve Symbols for the Twelve Hours of the Day and of the Night, to render oneself Invisible unto every person.)

To render oneself invisible is a very easy matter, but it is not altogether permissible, because that by such a means we can annoy our neighbour in his (daily) life, for we can easily employ the same for producing various effects, and we can also work an infinitude of evils (herewith). But, honestly speaking, we must not do the latter, such being expressly forbidden by God. This is wherefore I entreat you to avail yourself hereof always for a good and never for an evil end! You have in this Chapter Twelve Symbols, for Twelve different Spirits submitted unto Prince MAGOT, who are all of the same force. You should put the Symbol (upon the top of your head) under the hat or bonnet, and then you will become invisible; while on taking it away, you will appear visible again.

Chapter XV. (For the Spirits to bring us anything we may wish to eat or to drink, and even all kinds of food that we can imagine.)

As for this Symbol, and all like ones appertaining unto this Chapter, when you shall wish to make use of them, you shall put them between two plates, dishes, or jugs, closed together, on the outside of a window, and before a quarter of an hour shall have passed, you will, find and will have that which you have demanded. But you must clearly understand that with such kind of viands you cannot nourish men for more than two days only; for this food, although it be appreciable by the eyes and by the Mouth, doth not long nourish the body,

p. 148

which hath soon hunger again, seeing that this (food) giveth no strength to the stomach. Know also that none of these (viands) can remain visible for more than twenty-four hours, the which period being passed, fresh ones will be requisite.

Chapter XVI. (To find and take possession of all kinds of Treasures, provided that they be not at all magically guarded.)

Should you wish to discover or to take possession of Treasure, you must select the Symbol which you wish, whether it be of a common or of a particular Operation, and the Spirit will at once show it unto you, of whatsoever kind, or after whatsoever fashion, it may be. Then shall you place the Symbol which is referable unto it thereon, and it will no longer be possible for it to disappear into the ground, nor for it to be carried away. Furthermore, the Spirits destined unto the Guard of this Treasure will flee, and you can then dispose of it as you wish, and take it away.

Chapter XVII. (To fly in the Air and travel anywhere.)

Name the place whitherunto you wish to travel, and place the Symbol upon your head, under the bonnet or the hat; but take well heed lest the Symbol fall from off you through negligence or want of caution. Do not journey at night-time unless necessity or some pressing reason thereto compelleth you, but select the day-time, and that serene and calm.

Chapter XVIII. (To heal divers Maladies.)

Undo the bandages of the sick person, and clean them, and having applied the unguent and the compresses, put them again upon the sick person; and place the Symbol upon them, 1 and leave it thus for about a quarter of an hour, then take it away and keep it (for

p. 149

use on another occasion). But if it be an internal malady, you shall place the Symbol upon the bare head of the patient. These Symbols may be seen and examined without any danger, howbeit it is always better that they should neither be seen nor handled by any other person than yourself.

Chapter XIX. (For every description of Affection and Love.)


Chapter XX. (To excite every description of Hatred and Enmity, Discords, Quarrels, Contentions, Combats, Battles, Loss, and Damage.)

On request, and by the intermediary of the Spirits, we can obtain love, goodwill, and the favour of Princes and Sovereigns, on this wise: Name aloud the person or persons by. whom you wish to be loved, and move the Symbol answering to the class under which they fall; because if you be operating for yourself in matters falling under the heads of love, friendship, etc., you should absolutely name aloud the person, and move the Symbol. But if you name or operate for two other persons, whether it be for love or for hatred, you should expressly name both, and move the Symbols answering to the classes under which they fall. Also, if it be possible, you can touch them with the Symbol, whether it be general or particular. Under this heading are included all classes of goodwill, among the which the most difficult by far is to make yourself beloved by religious persons. 1

Chapter XXI. (To transform oneself, and take different Faces and Forms.)

In this Transmutation, which is rather a Fascination, the method of operating is as follows: Take the Symbol in your left hand, and with it stroke your face. Now

p. 150

were it some (ordinary) Necromancer who was transformed by the working of some Diabolical Art, he would soon be discovered (by you). It is certain, however, that if he who operateth be instructed in the True and Sacred Magic, like yourself, that he 1 could produce no effect upon you; because against the Grace of the Lord, by whomsoever received, no Operation can take effect, whether for Good or for Evil; but should such be Diabolical Operations by express pacts and similar Sorceries, it is certain that you would soon bring them to shame.

Chapter XXII. (This Chapter is only for Evil, for with the Symbols herein we can cast Spells, and work every kind of Evil; we should not avail ourselves hereof.)

All these Symbols are to be either buried in the ground, or placed under doors, steps, or buried under paths and other places by which people do pass, or whereon they lean; in this latter case it is sufficient merely to touch (such places) with the Symbol. It must be here remarked that we can work much evil against our enemies, and if you know for a certain fact that they are attempting your life, there is no imaginable sin in availing yourself of (these Symbols for protection). But should you do this to please some friend, you would not escape easily with impunity from (the disapproval of) your Guardian Angel. Use then this Knowledge as a Sword against your Enemies, but never against your neighbour, which would be without any result but that of bringing hurt to yourself.

Chapter XXVI. (To open every kind of Lock, without Key, and without making any noise.)

Should you wish to open anything locked, such as ordinary Locks (Bolts) 2 Padlocks, Coffers, Cupboards,

p. 151

[paragraph continues] Boxes, and Doors, you shall touch them with the side of the Symbol which is written upon, and immediately they will open without any noise, without being in any way damaged, and without exciting any suspicion of their having been broken open. When you wish to again close them, you shall touch them with the back of the Symbol, that is to say, with the part thereof not written upon, and at once they will refasten of their own accord. And in no way should this Operation be employed in Churches, or for the committing of Murder. Also (remember) that this Operation can be used for all manner of wicked ends; wherefore we should obtain (permission) first from our Guardian Angel, so as not to irritate him, and abuse the Grace of God, which we have received. Neither should this (Operation) be employed to aid in the commission of Rapes and Violation of Women; but only for (laudable) effects, and other (permissible) ends.

The Child of whose services you avail yourself for the conclusion of this Operation should not be more than Seven Years of age; it should be able to speak clearly, it should be active, and should comprehend what you teach it to do, in order to serve you. And fear not that this Child may be able to reveal and tell unto others anything of what he doeth; also he will not in the least remember that which he shall have done, and you can make trial thereof yourself by interrogating him after the seven days be past, and you will find that he will be able to tell you nothing of that which hath passed; the which is a very remarkable thing.

When you shall have thoroughly decided to give this present Operation unto any, and which should only be given as a free gift, as I have already said; remember to make such person give you Seven Florins, the which you shall distribute unto Seven poor persons with your own hand, And such poor persons must genuinely be in want. Them shall you straitly charge, to repeat for

p. 152

[paragraph continues] Seven days the Seven penitential Psalms, or the Pater and Ave seven times a day, praying unto the Lord for the person who hath given (the florins) unto you to distribute unto them, that He would deign to come unto his assistance, and to grant unto him for ever such strength that he may never transgress His Holy Commandments.

While in the performance of the Operation, be certain that each person (undertaking the same) is subject unto very great temptations to prevarication, and in particular unto great disquietudes of mind, to force the abandonment of the Operation. For the Mortal Enemy of Man is grieved that he should make the acquisition of this Sacred Science, the which also he receiveth from God Himself, Who hath by this means closed the way against the DEMON, this being the only object and end of this Sacred Science. For the Enchantments whereof the Evil Enchanters and Sorcerers make employ, are in no way wrought by the true method, and they only have power to execute their end in proportion to the Tributes, Sacrifices, and Pacts, rendered in return, which latter evidently bring about the loss of the Soul, and very frequently that of the Body as well.

Consider that it is the pride of (the DEMON) which hath chased him out of Heaven, and think what a heartbreaking thing it is for him to see a Man, made of vile earth, command him who is a Spirit, and who was created noble, and an Angel (as well); and also that it is necessary that he should submit himself unto Man, and obey him, not of his own free will, but by force, and by a power of command which God hath given unto Man, to whom he is forced to humiliate himself, and to obey, he, who had the greatest difficulty in submitting himself unto his Creator. And yet, notwithstanding all this, he is obliged by his most profound humiliation, and by his most severe suffering, to submit himself unto Man, for

p. 153

whom further is destined that Heaven which he himself hath lost for an Eternity.

Wherefore you should continue the Operation, and have recourse unto the Lord, and in no way be troubled, for you shall vanquish every difficulty, seeing that the Lord never faileth those who put all their confidence in Him.

You may only give this Sacred Operation unto two persons; and in the case of your giving it unto a third, it would hold good for him, but you yourself would be for ever deprived of it. I beseech you in grace to well open your eyes, and thoroughly examine him unto whom you shall give so great a Treasure, so that he be not one who will make use of the same to make a mock of God, which is a sin so great, that we Jews are a living proof thereof. For since our predecessors began to make use of this Sacred Magic for Evil, God hath granted it unto so few among us, that in my whole lifetime, ourselves included, we be but the number of Seven persons who by the Grace of God possess the same.

When the Child shall warn you that your Guardian Angel hath appeared, then shall you, without moving from your place, repeat in a low voice Psalm CXXXVII., which beginneth: "Confitebor Tibi Domine, in toto corde meo," "I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord, with mine whole heart," etc. And, on the contrary, when you shall convoke for the first time the Four Chief Spirits, you shall say Psalm XC.: "Qui habitat in adjutorio Altissimi," "Whoso dwelleth in the defence of the Most High," etc.; and this not in a low voice as in the preceding case, but (aloud) as you usually speak, and standing where you happen to be.

Chapter XXVIII. (To have as much Gold and Silver as one may wish, both to provide for one's necessities, and to live in opulence.)

And whereas I have allowed the Twenty-eighth

p. 154

[paragraph continues] Chapter to pass without notice, I now refer hereto. Place the Symbol of the Money you require in your purse, let it remain there for a short time, then put your right hand in your purse, and you will there find Seven pieces of the class of Money which you have intended to obtain. But take heed to perform this Operation only thrice in the day. And the pieces of Money whereof you have no longer need will disappear at once. This is why when you have need of small change you should take heed at the same time not to ask for large pieces. I could have here set down other values and Symbols, but I have only given those which I have found the most necessary for a beginner, and partly also to avoid confusing you. And also it is not right that I who am only a mortal man should give further instructions hereon unto you who are about to have an Angel for Master and for Guide.

We have already said that providing he recogniseth a God, any Man, of any Religion soever, may arrive at the possession of this Veritable Wisdom and Magic, if he employ right and proper ways and means. Now I say further that unto whatever Law 1 he who operateth may pertain, he can observe the feasts, etc., thereof, provided that they hinder not the Operation, with a firm and true conviction that he shall have from his Angel greater lights as to the points wherein he may be liable to err. Wherefore you shall be ready and willing to correct your faults, obedient in all things, and on all occasions, unto his precepts. And you should observe exactly and inviolably from point to point, everything touching the regimen of life, the practice, and other counsels given in this Book.

As we have already said, if by chance some slight indisposition should overtake you after the commencement

p. 155

of the Operation, you shall observe that hereinbefore laid down; but should the illness become very much worse, so that remedies become necessary unto the health of the body, and that you have to undergo blood-letting; then do not harden yourself against the Will of the Lord, but having made a brief prayer, thank Him for having visited you in this manner. And having made use of remedies which oblige you to leave off the Operation already begun, so as not to become as it were your own murderer, and notwithstanding that it grieveth you to the heart to be forced so to do, yet nevertheless conform yourself unto His Holy Will. And when you shall have regained your accustomed health, in His own good time shall you return unto the Operation, feeling sure that He will grant you His aid. Such a forced desistance doth not hinder you from awaiting a fitting time, when you may recommence; seeing that such interruption is not in any way voluntary, but forced by necessity. Whereas, had this interruption occurred through pure caprice, you ought never to think further of (recommencing), because we must not make a Mock of God.

There be two kinds of sins which are infinitely displeasing unto God. One is Ingratitude, and the other Incredulity. I say this cursorily, because the Devil will not fail to insinuate a thousand ideas into your head (such as) that this Operation may perhaps be (a real thing) and perhaps not; that the symbols are badly drawn, etc., so as to make you comment upon the subject. This is why you must have Faith, and that you must believe. Neither should you dispute concerning that which you understand not; remember that God out of nothingness hath created all things, and that all things have their being in Him; watch, work, and you will see.


In the Name of the Most Holy ADONAI, the True and Only God, we have finished this Book in the best

p. 156

order and with the best instruction which has been possible to me. Know also that it is only in God that you will find the sole and certain Way to arrive at the True Wisdom and Magic, but yet also by following out that which I have written down in this Book with such exactitude. Still, however, when you shall have put anything into practice, you shall, manifestly know how great and immeasurable hath been my paternal affection; 1 and in truth I dare to say that I have done for love of you what no one in our times hath undertaken, and in especial in that I have declared unto you the two Symbols, that of the Child, and your own particular one, 2 without the which I swear unto you by the True God that out of an hundred persons who might undertake this Operation, there would be only two or three who would actually attain unto it. I have, however, removed most of the difficulties, (therefore) be now tranquil, and despise not my counsel.

It need not appear strange unto you that this Book is not at all like unto so many others which I have, and which are composed in a lofty and subtle style; because I have composed this (work) expressly in order to spare you so much labour, and to enlighten therein the difficulties which you might (otherwise) have encountered in order to comprehend its meaning. And so that it might not be at all necessary for it to pass into other hands (than your own), in making this Book I have in no way availed myself of eloquent but peculiar expressions, which those who write such works usually make use of, and even then

p. 157

not without mystifications. But I have employed a certain manner of arrangement, making a mixture of the subject matter, and dispersing it here and there in the Chapters so that you may be forced to read and re-read the Book many times, and also the better so to do, to transcribe and imprint it in your memory. Render then your thanks unto the Lord God Almighty, and never forget my faithful advice, even unto the day of your death. Thus will the Divine Wisdom and Magic be your wealth, and never can you find a greater Treasure in the World. Obey promptly him who teacheth you that which he hath learned by his own experience; and I pray and conjure you by that God Who is my God, to observe summarily and inviolably the three following heads which should serve you as guides and limitations until you shall pass the gulf of this Miserable World:--

(1) Let God, His Word, all His Commandments, and the Counsel of your Angel, never depart from your heart and from your mind!

(2) Be the declared enemy of all the Evil Spirits, their Vassals, and Adherents, during the whole period of your life. Dominate them, and regard them as your Servitors. 1 If they make propositions to you, demanding from you pacts, or sacrifices, or obedience, or servitude, refuse them with disdain and menaces.

(3) It is more than evident that God can know the heart of men, the which 'none else can do. You should therefore force yourself to test severely for some time him to whom you intend to give this (knowledge). You shall closely note his method of life and habits; you

p. 158

shall discuss the subject with him, seeking to discover in the clearest way and as far as possible, whether he would use it for Good or for Evil. Also in giving this Operation you shall fast, eating only once a day, and he who shall receive it shall do the same; see also what we have said in the Third Chapter, 1 and elsewhere. It is also true that one who would suffer much in health by fasting in such a manner, may if absolutely necessary supplement the same by paying one or several persons to fast in his stead and to intercede for him. 2 (The whole object and end of) this should be both to give and receive this operation unto the Glory of the Great God, and unto one's own good and that of one's neighbour, whether friend or enemy, and unto that of all things created.

The Ten Florins of Gold 3 shall be distributed by your own hands when you shall have received the money, unto Seventy-two poor persons who know the Psalms, as mentioned in a preceding Chapter; and see also that you fail not in this, for it is an essential point.

Furthermore you shall demand from him to whom you shall give the Operation, some pleasurable gratification which is in harmony with the Operation, at your choice. But see that you demand not money, for for this you would be deprived entirely of the Holy Wisdom.

Every time that you shall desire to make a fresh command, 4 you shall thrice repeat the Psalm XC., "Qui habitat in adjutorium Altissimi," etc., "Whoso dwelleth in the aid of the Most High," etc.--because this Psalm

p. 159

possesseth so great a virtue that you will be astonished when you comprehend it.

If you know that you, as a man, have offended your Creator, in anything regarding the Tables of the Law; perform no operation until after having made a general confession of your sins unto God; the which you shall observe unto the day of your death. By thus acting the Mercy of the Lord will never depart from you.

Unto the which Lord be Praise, and Glory, and Honour, for the Gifts which He hath granted unto us. So be it!








142:1 Notwithstanding these Numbers are here given, it will be found that the Instructions do not include all these Chapters, and, on the contrary, give information concerning some of those not here specially mentioned.

143:1 It is of course evident that the number Four of the Familiar Spirits = one for each of the Four Elements of which Man is composed, ruled by the Holy Name of Four Letters, IHYH, Tetragrammaton.

145:1 I.e., the Evil.

145:2 "Se resont," in the MS. "Resoudre," like our word "resolve," also may imply to reduce to its chemical constituents. These three parts of the person, which Abraham calls Body, Soul, and Spirit, are designated in the Qabalah by the respective terms of "Nephesch," i.e., the animal part; "Neschamah," or the Soul, that is to say, the Higher Aspirations, and "Ruach," i.e., the Mind or Spirit. But besides these, the Qabalists also recognise certain higher principles, p. 146 of which Abraham the Jew does not here speak, nor yet of the faculty of reincarnation of those principles. Reincarnation is a subject much treated of by the Oriental Sacred writings, and was undoubtedly a fundamental doctrine of the Ancient Egyptian Magic, from which, be it well remembered, the Hebrew Qabalah has been derived. The Esoteric Buddhists divide the personality into Seven Principles, instead of the Three given above.

146:1 I.e., The Four Cardinal Points,

148:1 I.e., the bandages.

149:1 In the Original MS., "despersonnes religieuses". This expression would include monks, nuns, and also people bigoted in religion.

150:1 I.e., such Evil Magician.

150:2 "Serrures," which implies bolts as well as locks.

154:1 I.e., Religious denomination.

156:1 Here Abraham the Jew is evidently especially addressing himself to his son Lamech.

156:2 These two Symbols are probably those which are placed at the extreme end of the Third Book, i.e., the Magical Squares with the Names ADAM and URIEL returned therein, and of which the Squares of numbers above are evidently intended for the reverse sides; ADAM being applied to the Child, and URIEL to the Guardian Angel of Lamech.

157:1 Again let the practical Occultist remember that this counsel applies principally to Adepts; for the ordinary man can not command the Demons, seeing that he has not yet learned to understand and control even all his thoughts; and the Adept can only command such beings through the knowledge of his Higher Self, and of his Guardian Angel.

158:1 I.e. of the Second Book.

158:2 I think this system of substitution should be very rarely practised. He must be a very spiritless person who would be dissuaded by the prospect of fasting for a day or two.

158:3 Before alluded to in several places.

158:4 This would apparently apply to a command given to the Demons, and not to an Aspirant for the Sacred Wisdom.

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