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I have thought it advisable to give as far as possible some idea of the Significations of these names of Spirits, which are for the most part derived from the Hebrew or Chaldee, and also from Greek and Latin and Coptic, etc.



LUCIFER:--From Latin, Lux, Light, and Fero, to bear, = A Light Bearer. There is a name "Lucifuge" also employed occasionally, from Lux, Light, and Fugio, to fly from, = He who shuns the Light.

LEVIATAN:--From Hebrew, LVIThN (usually written Leviathan instead of Leviatan), = the Crooked or Piercing Serpent or Dragon.

SATAN:--From Hebrew, ShTN, = an Adversary.

BELIAL:--From Hebrew, BLIOL, = a Wicked One.



ASTAROT:--From Hebrew, OShThRVTh, = flocks, crowds or assemblies. Usually written "Ashtaroth". Also a name of the Goddess Astarté; Esther is derived from the same root.

MAGOT:--May be from Hebrew, MOVTh, = small stones or pebbles; or from MG, = a changing of camp or place; or from Greek, MAGOS, a magician. Usually written Maguth. Compare the French word "Magot," meaning "a sort of baboon," and also "a hideous dwarfish man"; this expression is often used in fairy-tales to denote a spiteful dwarf or elf. This Spirit has also been credited with presiding over hidden treasure. Larousse derives the name either from ancient French or German.

ASMODEE:--Usually written "Asmodeus," and sometimes "Chashmodai". Derived by some from the Hebrew word "ASAMOD," to destroy or exterminate; and by others from the Persian verb "AZMONDEN," = to tempt, to try or prove. Some Rabbins say that Asmodeus was the child of the incest of Tubal-Cain and his sister Naamah. Others say that he was the Demon of impurity. Others again relate that he was employed by Solomon in the building of the Temple at Jerusalem; that he then attempted to dethrone Solomon, to put himself in his place; but that the King vanquished him, and the Angel Gabriel chased him into Egypt, and there bound him in a Grotto. The Rabbins say that when Asmodeus was working at the building of the Temple, he made use of no metal tool; but instead of a certain stone which cut ordinary stone as a diamond will glass.

BELZEBUD:--Also written frequently "Beelzebub," "Baalzebub," "Beelzebuth," and "Beelzeboul". From Hebrew, BOL, = Lord, and ZBVB, = Fly or Flies; Lord of Flies. Some derive the name from the Syriac "BEEL D’BOBO," = Master of Calumny, or nearly the same signification as the Greek word DIABOLOS, whence are derived the modern French and English "Diable" and "Devil".

ORIENS:--These four names of Oriens, Paymon, Ariton and Amaymon, are usually allotted to the Evil Kings of the four quarters of the World. Oriens, from Latin, ORIENS, = rising or Eastern. This

p. 111

name is also written Uriens, from Latin, URO, = to burn, or devour with flame. It is probably from Uriens that a mediæval title of the Devil, viz., "Sir Urien," is derived. The Name is also sometimes written "Urieus," from Latin, "URIOS," a title given to Jupiter as presiding over the Wind. Urieus is also derivable from the Greek Adj. "EURUS, EUREIA, EURU," meaning vast or extensive. By the Rabbins he is also called SMAL, Samael, which is derived from the Hebrew root SML, which means "a figure, image, or idol". It is a name given in the Qabalah to one of the Chief Evil Spirits.

PAIMON:--Is also frequently written "Paymon," and sometimes "Paimonia". Probably from Hebrew, POMN, = a tinkling sound or small bell. This is again derived from the Hebrew root POM, = to agitate, impel, or strike forward. The word POMN is employed in Exodus 28, 34; 28, 33; and 39, 25. Paimon is also called by the Rabbins by the title of OZAZL, Azazel, which is a name used in Leviticus with reference to the Scape-Goat. Its derivation is from OZ, = a Goat; and AZL, = to go away. It has frequently been warmly discussed whether the word in question means simply the Scape-Goat, or whether it signifies a Demon to whom that animal was dedicated. But in Rabbinic Demonology it is always used to mean one of the Chief Demons.

ARITON:--It is also often called "Egyn," or "Egin". This name may be derived from the Hebrew root ORH, = to lay bare, to make naked. It may also be derived from the Greek word ARHRETON, = secret, or mysterious, in any sense good or bad. Egin, may be derivable from Hebrew, OGN, = to delay, hinder, or retard. There may also be a connection with the Greek AIX, AIGOS, = a Goat. This Spirit is also called by the Rabbins OZAL, Azael, from the root OZ, which means both a Goat, and also vigour, vehemence of force; thus having partly the same root as "Azazel".

AMAIMON:--Also written frequently "Amaymon"; perhaps from the Greek word MAIMON, present participle of MAIMAO; and A as an enforcing particle; hence AMAIMON would mean "terrible violence and vehemence". This Spirit is also called by the Rabbins MHZAL, Mahazael, perhaps from the root MZ, = to consume, or devour. Amaymon is spoken of in the various mediæval Magical works as being a very potent Spirit, and the use of a ring, with Magical characters to hold before the mouth while conversing with him, is recommended as a protection against his deadly, fiery, and poisonous breath.


HOSEN:--From Chaldaic, ChVSN, chosen, = Strong, Vigorous, Powerful.

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SARAPH:--From Hebrew, ShRP, = to burn, or devour with fire. PROXOSOS:--Perhaps from Greek, PROX, PROXOKOS, = a Kid.

HABHI:--From Chaldee, ChBA, or Hebrew, ChBH, = Hidden.

ACUAR:--From Hebrew, AKR, = a tiller of the earth.

TIRANA:--Perhaps from Hebrew, ThRN, = the Mast of a Ship, also an Apple Tree.

ALLUPH:--From Hebrew, ALVP, = a Leader, a Duke; also a Bull, from his leading the herd.

NERCAMAY:--Perhaps from Hebrew, NOR, = a boy, and ChMH a companion.

NILEN:--Perhaps from NILUS, Latin, or NEILOS, Greek, = the River Nile.

MOREL:--Perhaps from Hebrew, MRH, == to rebel.

TRACI:--From Greek, TRACHUS, etc., = harsh, rude.

ENAIA:--Perhaps from Hebrew, ONIH, = Poor, afflicted.

MULACH:--Probably the same as "Moloch," from Hebrew, MLK, to rule.

MALUTENS:--Perhaps from Hebrew, MOL, = to lie, or deceive, or prevaricate.

IPARKAS:--Probably from Greek, HIPPARCHES, = a commander of cavalry, or leader of horse.

NUDITON:--Apparently from the Latin, NUDITAS, = nakedness, derived in its turn from NUDATUS.

MELNA:--Perhaps from Hebrew, LN, to abide or rest.

MELHAER:--Perhaps from Hebrew, ML, to cut off, or divide, and ChR, whiteness, purity.

RUACH:--From Hebrew, RVCh = Spirit.

APOLHUN:--From Greek, APOLLUON, Apollyon, = the Destroyer.

SCHABUACH:--From Arabic = to calm or assuage.

MERMO:--From Coptic, MER, Across, and MOOU, Water, = Across Water.

MELAMUD:--From Hebrew, MLMD, = stimulus to exertion.

POTER:--From Greek, POTER, = a drinking cup, or vase.

SCHED:--From Hebrew, ShDD, the Hebrew name for a devastating demon. But the Hebrew root ShD implies the same idea as the English words "To Shed"; and signifies a female breast.

EKDULON:--Probably from Greek, EKDUO, = to despoil.

MANTIENS.--From Latin, MANTIENS, and Greek, MANTEIA, = Prophesying, Divining.

OBEDAMA:--From Hebrew, OBD, =a servant. AMA=mother. But AMH = a maid-servant, whence Obedama should signify a woman-servant.

SACHIEL:--Is a name frequently given in Magical works to an Angel of the Planet Jupiter. SKK = to cover or protect, but SChH = to trample down.

p. 113

MOSCHEL:--From Hebrew, MVSH, = to move oneself about.

PEREUCH:--Perhaps from Greek, PER and EUCHE, = concerning prayer, or given unto prayer.

DECCAL:--From Hebrew, DChL, = to fear.

ASPERIM:--Perhaps from Latin, "ASPERA," = Rude, Rigorous, Perilous, Dangerous.

KATINI:--From Hebrew, KThN, = a tunic, whence the Greek word CHITON.

TORFORA:--From Hebrew, ThOR, = a small knife, or lancet.

BADAD:--From Hebrew, BDD, = solitary.


I have thus far given the probable derivations at length; but I shall, for the sake of brevity, here continue them without giving their roots and remarks thereon:

COELEN.--Latin. Heavens.

CHUSCHI.--Hebrew. Silent.

TASMA.--Hebrew and Chaldaic. Weak.

PACHID.--Hebrew. Fear.

PAREK.--Hebrew. Roughness, Savage.

RACHIAR.--Greek. Sea breaking on rocks.

NOGAR.--Hebrew. Flowing.

ADON.--Hebrew. Lord.

TRAPIS.--Greek. Turning.

NAGID.--Hebrew. A Leader.

ETHANIM.--Hebrew. An Ass; a furnace.

PATID.--Hebrew. Topaz.

PAREHT.--Hebrew. Fruit.

EMPHASTISON.--Greek. Image, Representation.

PARASEH.--Chaldaic. Divided.

GEREVIL.--Hebrew. Divining Lot, Sortilege.

ELMIS.--Coptic. Flying.

ASMIEL.--Hebrew. Storing up.

IRMINON.--Greek. Supporting.

ASTUREL.--Hebrew. Bearing authority,

NUTHON.--Perhaps Coptic, Godlike; or Greek, piercing.

LOMIOL.--Perhaps Hebrew. Binding, Bitter.

IMINK.--Perhaps Coptic. Devouring.

PLIROK.--Perhaps Coptic. Burning up.

TAGNON.--Perhaps Greek. Heating.

PARMATUS.--Greek and Latin. Shield-bearing.

IARESIN.--Hebrew. Possessing.

GORILON.--Coptic. Axe; Cleaving either to, or asunder; Bones.

LIRION.--Greek. A lily.

PLEGIT.--Perhaps Greek. Smiting, Smitten.

OGILEN.--Hebrew. Round, Wheel.

p. 114

TARADOS.-- Perhaps Coptic. Dispersion.

LOSIMON.--Perhaps Coptic. Understanding of restriction.

RAGARAS.--Perhaps Coptic. To incline, or bow the head,

IGILON.--Perhaps Greek. After the fashion of EIKELOS.

GOSEGAS.-- Probably Hebrew and Chaldaic. Shaking strongly.

ASTREGA.--Perhaps Coptic. Expeditious.

PARUSUR.--Perhaps Greek. Present to assist.

IGIS.--Perhaps from Greek HIKO, root of HIKNEOMAI. Coming.

AHEROM.--Hebrew. Separation, from ChRM.

IGARAK.--Perhaps Celtic, from CARAC. Terrible.

GELOMA.--Hebrew, GLM, and Latin, GLOMUS, Wrapped, or wound together.

KILIK.--Hebrew. Wrinkled with age.

REMORON.--Latin. Hindering, staying.

EKALIKE.--Perhaps Greek. At rest, or quiet.

ISEKEL.--Hebrew. Anointing, or Anointed.

ELZEGAN.--Perhaps Hebrew = Turning aside.

IPAKOL.--Hebrew. Breathing forth.

HARIL.--Hebrew. Thorny.

KADOLON.--Perhaps Greek. A small vase, or urn.

IOGION.--Perhaps Greek. Noise of battle.

ZARAGIL.--Perhaps Hebrew. Scattering.

IRRORON.--Latin. Sprinkling with dew.

ILAGAS.--Greek. Obtaining; having obtained.

BALALOS.--Perhaps Greek, from BALLO, to throw.

OROIA.--Probably Greek. Returning in due season.

LAGASUF.--Perhaps Hebrew. In paleness, pining away.

ALAGAS.--Perhaps Greek. Wandering.

ALPAS.--Probably Greek. Yielding.

SOTERION.--Greek. Saving, Delivering.

ROMAGES.--Perhaps Hebrew. To throw and to touch.

PROMAKOS.--Greek. A fighter in the front of a conflict.

METAFEL.--Hebrew. To fasten.

DARASCON.--Perhaps Celtic. Turbulent.

KELEN.--Greek. Going swiftly, as in a race.

ERENUTES.--Perhaps Greek. Receiving.

NAJIN.--Hebrew. Propagating.

TULOT.--Chaldaic. Triple.

PLATIEN.--Greek. Flat, broad.

ATLOTON.--Greek. Insufferable.

AFARORP.--Perhaps Hebrew. Breaking, rending.

MORILEN.--Perhaps Greek. Foolish speaking.

RAMARATZ.-- Hebrew. Raised ground, or earth.

NOGEN.--Hebrew. To strike a musical instrument.

MOLIN.--Hebrew. Abiding in a place.

p. 115


AMANIEL.--Hebrew. Nourishment of God. 1

ORINEL.--Hebrew. Ornament of God; also Tree of God; also Elm Tree.

TIMIRA.--Hebrew. Palm.

DRAMAS.--Greek. Action.

AMALIN.--Chaldaic. Languidness.

KIRIK.--Hebrew. A Stole, or Mantle.

BUBANA.--Perhaps Hebrew. Emptiness.

BUK.--Hebrew. Perplexity.

RANER.--Perhaps Hebrew, Singing; or Greek, Watering.

SEMLIN.--Hebrew. Simulacra; Appearances.

AMBOLIN.--Perhaps Hebrew. Tending unto nothingness.

ABUTES.--Perhaps Greek. Bottomless, Measureless.

EXTERON.--Latin. Without, Foreign, Distant.

LABOUX.--Perhaps Latin, and conveying the sense of "Laborious".

CORCARON.--Perhaps Greek. Tumultuous, noisy.

ETHAN.--Hebrew. An Ass.

TARET.--Perhaps Hebrew. Dampness, tending to corruption.

TABLAT.--Perhaps Hebrew. Immersions.

BURIUL.--Hebrew. In terror and trembling.

OMAN.--Perhaps Chaldaic. To cover, or obscure.

CARASCH.--Hebrew. Voracity.

DIMURGOS.--Greek. A fabricator, Artisan, or Workman.

ROGGIOL.--Perhaps Hebrew. To drag down; the feet.

LORIOL.--Perhaps Hebrew. Unto horror.

ISIGI.--Perhaps from Hebrew, and implying "Error," or "to err".

DIORON.--Greek. Delay.

DAROKIN.--Probably Chaldaic. Paths or Ways.


ABAHIN.--Perhaps Hebrew, and signifying "terrible".

GOLEG.--Probably Hebrew. Whirling.

GUAGAMON.--G reek. A net.


ETALIZ.--Hebrew. The furrow of a plough. Hence agriculture.

AGEI.--Probably Hebrew. Meditation.

LEMEL.--Perhaps Hebrew. For speech--?.

UDAMAN.--Perhaps a corruption of Greek, EUDAIMON, Fortunate.

p. 116

BIALOT.--Perhaps Hebrew. Absorption.

GAGALOS. 1--Perhaps Greek. A tumour.

RAGALIM.--Hebrew. Feet.

FINAXOS.--Perhaps Greek. Worthy in appearance--?.

AKANEF.--Hebrew. A Wing.

OMAGES.--Greek--? for HO MAGOS, = the Magician.

AGRAX.--Perhaps Hebrew. Bone.

SAGARES.--Greek. A double-headed battle-axe, especially that used by the Amazons.

AFRAY.--Perhaps Hebrew. Dust.

UGALES.--Probably Greek. Calm.

HERMIALA.--?? Perhaps traceable to Celtic roots.

HALIGAX.--?? Perhaps traceable to Celtic roots.

GUGONIX.--?? Perhaps traceable to Celtic roots.

OPILM.--Hebrew. Citadels; eminences.


PACHEI.--Probably Greek. Thick, coarse.

NIMALON.--Perhaps from Hebrew, relating to "circumcision".


HAUGES.--Apparently from the Greek "AUGE". Brilliance.

AGIBOL.--Hebrew. Forcible Love.

RIGOLEN.--Perhaps from Hebrew, = to drag down. The same root also is that of the word "Regel," = "foot".

GRASEMIN.--Perhaps from Hebrew, GRS, = a bone.

ELAFON.--Probably from the Greek ELAPHOS, = a stag.

TRISAGA.--Greek. Directing by Triads.

GAGALIN.--Perhaps Greek. Tumour, Swelling, Ganglion.

CLERACA.--Perhaps from Greek and Latin, "KLERIKOS," and "CLERICUS," = clerical.

ELATON.--Probably Latin. Sublime; borne away.

PAFESLA.--Perhaps from Hebrew--? a sculptured Image.


TOUN.--Perhaps from Hebrew. ThNH, = Hire, Price.

MAGOG.--Hebrew. The well-known Biblical name for a powerful Gentile nation.

DIOPOS.--Greek. An overseer.


BIRIEL.--Hebrew. Stronghold of God.

SIFON.--Greek. A Siphon or Tube for raising fluids. or Hebrew. To cover over.

p. 117

KELE.--Hebrew. To consume.

MAGIROS.--Greek. A cook.

SARTABAKIM.--?? SRTN in Hebrew = the Sign Cancer.


SOBE.--Greek. The tail of a horse; also a fly-flap.

INOKOS.--Perhaps from Latin, "INOCCO," = to rake the earth over the newly sown seed.

MABAKIEL.--Hebrew. Weeping, Lamentation.

APOT.--Hebrew = A Treasure; a Tribute.

OPUN.--Perhaps from Hebrew. A Wheel.


AMAN.--Hebrew. To nourish.

CAMAL.--Hebrew. To desire God; the name of one of the Archangels in the Qabalah.

TOXAI.--From Greek, TOXEIA, = Archery; or Latin, TOXICUM, Poison.

KATARON.--Greek. Casting down.

RAX.--Greek. A grape-seed.

GONOGIN.--Hebrew. Pleasures, Delights.

SCHELAGON.--Hebrew. Like Snow.

GINAR.--?? Perhaps Chaldaic--? To perfect, or finish.

ISIAMON.--Hebrew = Solitude, Desolation.

BAHAL.--Hebrew = To disturb.

DAREK.--Hebrew = a way, or path.

ISCHIGAS.--Perhaps from Hebrew, IShO, = To save, or aid.

GOLEN.--Greek. A cavern.

GROMENIS.--Perhaps Latin or Greek--? to mark out.

RIGIOS.--Greek. Horrible, Terrible.

NIMERIX.--?? Perhaps Celtic.

HERG.--Hebrew. To slay.

ARGILON.--Greek. Clay.

OKIRI.--Perhaps Greek--? To cause to sink or fail.

FAGANI.--Perhaps Greek--? Devourers.

HIPOLOS.--Greek. A Goat herd.

ILESON.--Greek. Enveloping.

CAMONIX.--? Greek--? Perseverance in combat.


ALAN.--Chaldaic. A Tree.

APORMENOS.--Greek. Uncertain.


QUARTAS.--Latin. Fourth.


ARAEX.--? Greek.? Shock.

LEPACA.--Hebrew. For opening or disclosing.

KOLOFE.--Greek. Summit, or height of achievement.

p. 118


NACHERAN.--Probably Hebrew. Nostrils.

KATOLIN.--Hebrew. Walls.

LUESAF.--Perhaps Hebrew. Unto Loss or Destruction.

MASAUB.--Hebrew. Circuit.

URIGO.--Latin. Spoiled; unfit for food.

FATURAB.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Interpretation.

FERSEBUS.--Perhaps Greek--? A bringer of veneration.

BARUEL.--Hebrew. Food or nourishment from God.

UBARIN.--Greek. Insult, Outrage.


ISCHIRON.--Greek. Strong, Mighty.

ODAX.--Greek. Biting.


AROTOR.--Greek and Latin. A ploughman or husbandman.

HEMIS.--Greek. Half, half-way.

ARPIRON.--Perhaps Greek--? Attempting straightway.

ARRABIN.--Greek. Pledge, caution money.

SUPIPAS.--Perhaps Greek--? relating to swine.

FORTESON.--Greek. Burdened.



MEGALAK.--Hebrew. Cutting off.

ANAGOTOS.--Perhaps Greek--? Conducting.


PETUNOF.--Coptic. Exciting.

MANTAN.--Hebrew. A gift.

MEKLBOC.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Like a dog.

TIGRAFON.--Perhaps Greek--? Capable of writing any matter.

TAGORA.--Coptic. Assembly.

DEBAM.--Perhaps Hebrew. Strength.

TIRAIM.--Hebrew. Filling up.

IRIX.--Greek. A hawk or falcon.

MADAIL.--Perhaps Hebrew. Drawing out from, consuming.

ABAGIRON.--Perhaps Greek--? Gathering together.

PANDOLI.--Greek. Altogether a slave; or perhaps from Greek and Latin-Possessing all wiles.

NENISEM.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Wavings, Displayings.

COBEL.--Hebrew. A Chain.

SOBEL.--Hebrew. A Burden.

LABONETON.--Perhaps from Greek, LAMBANO, = to grasp, or seize.

ARIOTH.--Hebrew. Lioness.

MARAG.--Hebrew. To drive forward.

KAMUSIL.--Hebrew. Like a rising or elevation.

p. 119

KAITAR.--Perhaps from Hebrew, KThR, = a crown or summit.

SCHARAK.--Hebrew. To wind or twine about.


AGILAS.--Perhaps Greek--? Sullen.

KOLAM.--Hebrew. Shame; to be ashamed.


CORODON.--Perhaps Greek--? a lark.

HEPOGON.--Perhaps Greek--? a saddle-cloth.


HAGION.--Greek. Sacred.


PARAMOR.--Perhaps the same as the modern word Paramour: a Lover.

OLISERMON.--Perhaps Greek and Latin--? Of short speech.

RIMOG.--Perhaps from Hebrew, RMK, = a Mare.

HORMINOS.--Greek. A stirrer up.

HAGOG.--Hebrew. The name of Gog with the definite prefix "Ha".

MIMOSA.--Perhaps Greek. Meaning Imitator. "Mimosa" is also the name of a Shrub.


ILARAX.--Perhaps Greek--? Cheerful; gay.

MAKALOS.--Perhaps Chaldaic--? Attenuated, Wasted.


COLVAM.--Perhaps from a Hebrew root, signifying "shame".

BATTERNIS.--?? Perhaps derived from Greek, BATTARIZO,= to use vain repetitions, to babble.


ONEI.--Greek, ONE. Purchase; buying.

ORATION.--Perhaps Greek--? Moored, fastened securely.

PRECHES.--Perhaps Greek, from PRETHO, to swell out

MAGGID.--Hebrew. Precious things.

SCLAVAK.--Perhaps from Coptic, SzLAK, Torture, Pain.

MEBBESSER.--Either from Hebrew, BShR, flesh, or Chaldee, BSR, = to reject.

BACARON.--Hebrew. Firstborn.

HOLBA.--Hebrew. Fatness.

HIFARION.--Greek. A Pony or little horse.


ENIURI.--Perhaps Greek. Found in.

ABADIR.--Hebrew. Scattered.

SBARIONAT.--Perhaps Coptic--? a little friend.


OMET.--Hebrew. A neighbour.

SARRA.--Coptic. To strike.

p. 120


ALCANOR.--Probably Hebrew and Arabic--? a harp.

AMATIA.--Greek. Ignorance.

BILIFARES.--Hebrew. Lord of Division.


DIRALISEN.--Greek. The ridge of a rock.

LICANEN.--Perhaps from Greek, LIKNON, = a winnowing fan.

DIMIRAG.--Chaldaic. Impulsion, Driving forward.

ELPONEN.--Perhaps Greek--? Force of hope.

ERGAMEN.--Greek. Busy.

GOTIFAN.--Probably Hebrew, expressing the idea of crushing, and turning over.


CARELENA.--Perhaps Greek, from KAR, = Hair, and LAMBANO, = to seize.

LAMALON.--Perhaps Hebrew. Declining, turning aside.

IGURIM.--Hebrew., Fears.

AKIUM.--Hebrew. Sure.

DORAK.--Hebrew. Proceeding, Walking forward.

TACHAN.--Hebrew. Grinding to powder.

IKONOK.--Greek. Phantasmal.

KEMAL.--Hebrew. Desire of God.

BILICO.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Lord of manifestation.

TROMES.--Greek. Wound or disaster.

BALFORI.--Hebrew. Lord of producing.

AROLEN.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Strongly agitated.

LIROCHI.-- Hebrew. In tenderness.

NOMINON.--Greek. Conventional.

IAMAI.--Hebrew--? Days, periods.

AROGOR.--Probably Greek--? a helper.

HOLASTRI.--Perhaps from Coptic, HOLSz, = to surround.

HACAMULI.--Hebrew. Withering, fading.

SAMALO.--Probably Hebrew. His image.

PLISON.--Perhaps Greek, from PLEO, to swim.

RADERAF.--Perhaps Greek--? a rose-bearer.

BOROL.--Probably from Hebrew, BVR, = a pit, to bury.

SOROSMA.--Perhaps Greek. A funeral urn.


GRAMON.--Greek, from GRAMMA, = Writing.

MAGALAST.--Greek. Greatly, hugely.

ZAGALO.--Perhaps Greek, from ZAGKLON, = a reaping-hook.

PELLIPIS.--Perhaps Greek--? Oppressing.

NATALIS.--Latin. A birthday, nativity, natal.

NAMIROS.--Perhaps Coptico-Greek--? Naval, Nautical.

ADIRAEL.--Hebrew. Magnificence of God.

p. 121

KABADA.--Hebrew. Dulness, heaviness.

KIPOKIS.--Hebrew. Like Overflowing.

ORGOSIL.--Hebrew. Tumultuous.

ARCON.--Greek. A Ruler.

AMBOLON.--Greek. Earth thrown up, or fresh turned.

LAMOLON.--Hebrew. With detestation.

BILIFOR.--Perhaps Hebrew--? Lord of Glory.


SARISEL.--Hebrew. Minister of God. GASARONS.--?? SOROSMA 1.

TURITEL.--Hebrew. Mountain cast down.

BALAKEN.--Chaldaic. Ravagers.

GAGISON.--Hebrew. Spread out flat.

MAFALAC.--Hebrew. A fragment.

AGAB.--Hebrew. Beloved.


AGLAFOS.--Greek. Bright light.

AGAFALI.--Perhaps from Greek, AGE, reverence.

DISON.--Greek. Divided.

ACHANIEL.--Hebrew. Truth of God.

SUDORON.--Greek. Probably a false gift.

KABERSA.--Hebrew. Wide measure.

EBARON.--Greek. Not burdensome.

ZALANES.--Greek. Trouble-bringer.

UGOLA.--? Greek. Perhaps = Fluent in speech.

CAME.--Greek. Tired.

ROFFLES.--Hebrew. The Lion trembling.

MENOLIK.--Perhaps Greek--? Winnowing with fury.

TACAROS.--Greek. Soft or tender.

ASTOLIT.--Probably Greek--? Without Garment.

RUKUM.--Hebrew. Diversified.


ANADER.--Greek. A flayer.

EKOROK.--Hebrew. Thy breaking, Thy barrenness.

SIBOLAS.--Hebrew. A rushing Lion.

SARIS.--Greek. A pike or spear.

SEKABIN.--Chaldee. Casters down.

CAROMOS.--Perhaps from Greek, CHARMA, = joy.

ROSARAN.--? Hebrew--? Evil and wicked.

p. 122

SAPASON.--Perhaps from Greek, SEPO, to putrefy.

NOTISER.--Perhaps Greek, = Putter to flight.

FLAXON.--Greek. About to rend, or to be rent asunder.

HAROMBRUB.--Hebrew. Exalted in greatness.

MEGALOSIN.--Greek. In great things.

MILIOM.--Hebrew. The ender or destroyer of day.

ILEMLIS.--Hebrew. The silent Lion.

GALAK.--Greek. Milky.

ANDROCOS.--Perhaps Greek--? Arranger or orderer of men.

MARANTON.--Greek. Quenched, having extinguished.

CARON.--Greek. The name of Charon, the ferryman of the souls of the dead in Hades.

REGINON.--Hebrew. Vigorous ones.

ELERION.--Perhaps Greek. A Laugher or Mocker.

SERMEOT.--Hebrew. Death of the flesh.

IRMENOS.--Perhaps from Greek, HERMENEUS, = an Expounder.


ROMERAC.--Hebrew. Violent thunder.

RAMISON.--Hebrew. The movers with a particular creeping motion.

SCRILIS.--Probably Latin, from Sacrilegium, = a sacrilegious offence.

BURIOL.--Hebrew. Devouring fire of God.

TARALIM.--Hebrew. Mighty strongholds.

BURASEN.--Hebrew. Destroyers by stifling smoky breath.

AKESOLI.--Greek--? the distressful, or pain-bringing ones.

EREKIA.--Greek probably. One who tears asunder.

ILLIRIKIM.--Hebrew. They who shriek with a long drawn cry.

LABISI.--Hebrew. The flesh inclothed.

AKOROS.--Greek. Overthrowers of authority.

MAMES.--Hebrew. They who move by backward motion.

GLESI.--Hebrew. One who glistens horribly, like an insect.

VISION.--Latin. An apparition.

EFFRIGIS.--Greek. One who quivers in a horrible manner.

APELKI.--Greek. The misleaders or turners aside.

DALEP.--Hebrew. Decaying in liquid putrefaction.

DRESOP.--Hebrew. They who attack their prey by tremulous motion.

HERGOTIS.--Greek. A labourer.

NILIMA.--Hebrew. The evil questioners.

(End of Notes on Names of Spirits.)



115:1 Frequently in Qabalistic Magic "El," the Name of God, is joined to the Names even of Evil Spirits, to intimate that even these have no power except by His permission.

116:1 See somewhat similar name, "Gagalin," in the Spirits under Amaimon and Ariton.

121:1 See same name under Beelzebub.

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