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E have already seen how one should constrain the Spirits, and what one should ask of them; also how to dismiss them without hurt, and how we should make answer loll unto their demands and presentments. 1

All that I am about to say unto you now is superfluous, because it is certain that any one who shall have observed with a true heart and firm resolution the advice which I have given regarding the Six Moons, will be instructed with so much thoroughness and clearness by his Guardian Angel, that no doubtful point will present itself which he will not be able easily to clear up of himself.

We have also already sufficiently shown how on every or any occasion, he who operateth should comport

p. 102

himself as regardeth the Spirits; that is to say as their Lord, and not as their Servitor. Yet in all matters there should be a reasonable mean, seeing that we are not treating with men, but with Spirits, of whom each one knoweth more than the whole Universe together.

Now if you shall make some demand unto a Spirit, and he shall refuse to execute it; first well and carefully examine and consider whether it be in the power and nature of the Spirit to whom you make such demand, to fulfil the same. For one Spirit knoweth not all things, and that which appertaineth unto the one, another knoweth not. For this reason, see that ye well take heed before endeavouring to force them to perform a matter. Yet if, however, the Inferior Spirits be disobedient, you shall call their Superiors, and remind them of the oaths which they have taken unto you, and of the chastisement which awaiteth the breaking of such vows.

And immediately, on beholding your steadfastness, they will obey you; but should they not, you ought then to Invoke your Guardian Angel, whose chastisement they will quickly feel.

Yet, notwithstanding, we should never employ harsh means, in order to have that which we can obtain by gentleness and courtesy. 1

If during the Invocation they should appear with tumult and insolence, fear nothing; neither give way to anger; but appear to make no account thereof. Only show them the Consecrated Wand, and if they continue to make a disturbance, smite upon the Altar twice or thrice therewith, and all will be still.

It should be noted, that after you shall have licensed

p. 103

them to depart, and they shall have disappeared, you shall take the Censer from the top of the Altar, and having put perfume therein, take it out of the Oratory on to the Terrace whereon the Spirits shall have appeared, and you shall perfume the place all round; for otherwise the Spirits might work some evil unto persons entering by chance therein.

Now should you be willing to content yourself with the Symbols which be in the Third Book here following; you shall the day after take away all the Sand from the Terrace and cast it into a secret place; but above all things take care not to throw it either into a river or into the navigable sea.

But should you desire to procure for yourself various other Symbols and Secrets, leave the Sand and all things in place, as we shall also describe more particularly in the last chapter.

Also, should you wish it, you can retain your arrangements in place, and keep the Apartment of the Oratory proper and clean, as well as the Altar; which latter you may place in a corner, should it incommode you in the centre of the room. For in this Apartment, if it be not contaminated nor profaned, you may every Saturday enjoy the presence of your Guardian Angel; the which is one of the most sublime things which you can desire in this Sacred Art.


101:1 In the original: "demandes etapparitions".

102:1 Let me here once again insist on the absolute necessity in Occult working of being courteous, even to the Evil Spirits; for the Operator who is insolent and overbearing will speedily lay himself open to obsession by a Spirit of like nature, the which will bring about his ultimate downfall.

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