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HE Demands we should make to the Spirits are of three different kinds.


The Demand of the First Day when the Four Superior Princes shall have visibly appeared, you shall make according unto the Order of the Angel:--

Firstly: The Proposition by what Virtue, Power and Authority you make your demands unto them; that is to say by the Virtue of God our Lord Who hath made them subject unto all His creatures, and brought them to your feet. 1

Secondly:  2That your object is not at all a malign curiosity, but (one tending) unto the Honour and Glory

p. 93

of God, and to your own good and that of all the Human Race. That further, every time that you shall summon them, by whatever Sign or Word, and in whatever Time and Place, and for whatever occasion and service, they shall have to appear immediately without any delay, and obey your commands. And that in case they shall have some legitimate hindrance hereto, they are to send unto you some other Spirits assigning then and there such as shall be capable and potent to accomplish and obey your will and your demand in their place. And that they shall promise and swear to observe this by the most rigorous judgment of God, and by the most severe punishment and chastisement of the Holy Angels, inflicted upon them. And that they will consent to obey, and that the Four Sovereign Princes will name unto you the Eight Sub-Princes, whom they will send in their place to take the Oath as I have already said, to appear at once on the following morning when commanded by you; and that they will duly send the Eight Sub-Princes.

For greater certainty, quit the Altar now, and go towards the Door which openeth on to the Terrace, advancing your right hand beyond. 1 Make each one of them touch the Wand, and take the Oath upon that Wand.

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THE Eight Sub-Princes being invoked, you shall make unto them the same demand and the same admonition which you have (already) made unto the Four Sovereign Princes. And further you shall request from these four, that is to say, from ORIENS, PAIMON, ARITON, and AMAIMON; that each of them shall assign and consign unto you your Familiar Spirit, which from the day of your birth they are compelled to give unto you. These will be given and furnished unto you with their dependants and will afterwards obey you. It is for you to demand from these the other Spirits which you may wish to have; but seeing that they be infinite in number, and one more skilful in service than another, one for one matter, another for another; you shall make a selection of the Spirits whom you wish, and you shall put outside upon the Terrace a written list of their names for the Eight Sub-Princes (to see), and you shall require from these (latter) the Oath, as you did from the Four Superior Princes, that the following morning they shall have to appear before you together with all the Spirits whose names you shall have given in writing, and also your Familiar Spirits.


THE Eight Sub-Princes having presented all the Spirits as you have directed them, you shall command that ASTAROT 1 with all his following shall appear visibly in the Form which the Angel shall have prescribed unto you; and immediately you shall see a Great Army, and all under the same Form. You shall propound unto them the same demand, which you have already made unto the Princes, and you shall cause them to take Oath

p. 95

to observe the same; that is to say, that every time that you shall call one of them by his name, that he shall at once appear in such Form and Place as shall please you, and that he shall punctually execute that which you shall have commanded him. All having sworn, you shall put outside the entry 1 of the Door, all the Signs of the Third Book which belong unto ASTAROT 2 alone, and make him swear thereon, also ordaining unto them 3, that in cases when it may not seem fit unto you to command them verbally, that as soon as you shall take one of these Signs in your hand and move it from its place that the Spirit marked in the Sign shall do and execute that which the Sign beareth, and that which your intimation 4 joined thereto shall indicate; also that in the case that in the Sign 5 none of them shall be specially named, that all in general shall be obliged promptly and readily to perform the Operation commanded; and that if also in the time to come, other (Signs or) Symbols be made by you which be not here 6 included, that then also they (the Spirits under Astarot) shall be equally bound to observe and execute them also. And when the Oath hath been taken, cause the Prince in the Name of the rest to touch the Wand.

After this, remove those Symbols from the Doorway; and call MAGOT, and after him ASMODEE, and lastly BELZEBUD; and act with all these as you have done with

p. 96

[paragraph continues] ASTAROT; and all their Symbols having been sworn unto, put them aside in order in a certain place, so arranged that you can easily distinguish one from another, as regards the subject, operation, or effect, for which they have been made, and unto which they belong.

This being done, you shall call ASTAROT and ASMODEE together, with their common Servitors, 1 and shall propound unto them their Symbols; and having made them swear in the forementioned manner, you shall call in similar fashion ASMODEE and MAGOT, with their Servitors, and shall make them take oath upon their Signs in the aforesaid manner.

And thus shall you observe this method with the Four other Sub-Princes; 2 but first of all convoke them with their common Servitors, and make them swear upon the common Signs, then AMAIMON and ARITON together, and finally each one apart, as in the first case. 3

And when you have put back all the Symbols into their proper place, request from each of these last Four 4 your Familiar Spirit, and make them repeat its Name, which you shall at once write down, together with the time during which they shall be obliged to serve you. Then you shall propound unto them the Signs of the Fifth Chapter of the Third Book; 5 and shall make them not only swear upon these Symbols (collectively), but also each one (separately), that from this time forward he will

p. 97

observe duly and with diligence the six hours destined; 1 and you shall cause them to promise to serve you with fidelity, performing all which they are obliged to do, and that you shall command their (services); and that they shall not in the slightest degree be false and lying as regardeth you; also, that if by chance you should assign over one of them unto another person, that he shall act as faithfully by him as by yourself; and, lastly, that they are to fulfil, perform, and execute, that which God for their Chastisement hath destined unto them for Sentence (of judgment).

You shall then observe this form with all the Princes, and until all the Symbols shall be sworn to, with the Four Familiar Spirits and the others dominating (them).


92:1 "Qui les asoumis atouttes ses Creatures et avos pieds."

92:2 This whole paragraph is difficult of clear translation by literal rendering, so I give the MS. text: "Secondement que vostre fin nest point curiosité maligne mais alhonneur et gloire de Dieu et alutililè propre et acelle de tout le genre humain elpourtant toutte ces fois que p. 93 vous les appellerez avec quelquesoit signe ou parole etenquelquesoit temps et Lieu etpourquelle soit occasion etservile dabort sans aucunement retarder ayent aparoitre elobeissent avos commandemens etaucas quils eussent un empechemen Legitime quils ayent avous envoyer dautres esprits enles nommant presentement ceux quiseront capable etpuissan pourobeir etaccomplir vostre volonte el vostre demande en leur place etquils vous promeltent et jurent dobserver cela par le tresrigoureux jugement de Dieu etpar latres grande peine et chatiment dessts anges sur eux ils consentiront dobeir et Les 4 princes souverains vous nommeront les 8 sousprinces quils vous enveront enleurplase aleurfaire preter le serment comme jelay deja dit deparoitre dabort," etc. The writer of this manuscript never uses the slightest punctuation, and paragraphs are infrequent.

93:1 I.e., beyond the Door, but being careful not to go out on to the Terrace yourself.

94:1 Written "Atarot" by a slip in the MS.

95:1 I.e., upon the sand on the Terrace.

95:2 Again erroneously "Atarot".

95:3 I.e., unto the subservient Spirits of Astaroth.

95:4 I.e., whether Verbal, or Mental, or by Gesture.

95:5 Again note that the whole of the operations of this Magic of Abra-Melin and of Abraham the Jew depends on these Symbols, so that it is not the true and sacred pentacles and symbols which he condemns; but erroneous and corrupted ones made use of ignorantly.

95:6 I.e., in those which the Operator has written down from the Third Book, and placed at the entry of the Door for Astaroth to take oath upon.

96:1 I.e., Servitors belonging equally to these two Sub-Princes together.

96:2 I.e., Oriens, Paimon, Ariton, and Amaimon. Ariton is often called Egin or Egyn in other works on Magic.

96:3 I.e., following the order of the classification in the Nineteenth Chapter of this Second Book.

96:4 I.e., Oriens, Paimon, Ariton, and Amaimon; one Spirit from each for a Familiar.

96:5 Entitled: "How one may retain the Familiar Spirits, bound or free, in whatsoever form".

97:1 I.e., so that each of the four Familiars shall serve a fourth part of the twenty-four hours of the day, that is six hours.

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