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LTHOUGH the best counsel which I can give is that a man should go into retirement in some desert or solitude, until the time of the Six Moons destined unto this Operation be fulfilled, and that he shall have obtained that which he wisheth; as the Ancients used to do; nevertheless now this is hardly possible; and we must accommodate ourselves unto the era (in which we live); and being unable to carry it out in one way, we should endeavour to do so in another; and attach ourselves only unto Divine Things.

But there be certain who cannot even do this thoroughly, notwithstanding they may honestly wish the same; and this because of their divers employments and positions which will not permit them to act in accordance with their desires, so that they are compelled to carry on their worldly occupations.

In order then that such may know what occupations and business they can follow out without prejudice to this Operation, I will here state the same in few words.

We may then exercise the profession of Medicine, and all arts connected with the same; and we may perform

p. 73

all operations which tend unto charity and mercy towards our neighbour purely and simply. As for what concerneth the liberal arts ye may interest yourselves in Astronomy, etc., but flee all arts and operations which have the least tincture of Magic and Sorcery, seeing that we must not confound together God and Belial: God wisheth to be alone; unto Him pertain all honour and glory. All the above matters are however permitted during the two first and the two second Moons.

You may walk in a garden for recreation; but you shall do no servile work; and amidst the flowers and the fruits you can also meditate upon the greatness 1 of God. But during the two third and last Moons ye shall quit every other matter only permitting your recreation to consist in things Spiritual and Divine. If ye wish to be participators in the Conversation of the Angels, and in the Divine Wisdom, lay aside all indiscreet 2 things, and regard it as a pleasure when ye can spare two or three hours to study the Holy Scripture, because hencefrom ye shall derive incredible profit; and even the less ye are learned, so much the more will ye become wise and clever. It sufficeth that in the performance of your Orisons ye shall not give way unto sleep, and that ye shall fail in nowise in this operation through negligence and voluntarily.


73:1 In the text evidently by a slip the word grandeur is repeated la grandeur la grandeur de Dieu.

73:2 "Laissez apart touttes les choses curieuses."

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