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HE two first Moons being finished; the two second Moons follow, during the which ye shall make your prayer, morning and evening at the hour accustomed; but before entering into the Oratory ye shall wash your hands and face thoroughly with pure water. And you shall prolong your prayer with the greatest possible affection, devotion and submission; humbly entreating the Lord God that He would deign to command His Holy

p. 70

[paragraph continues] Angels to lead you in the True Way, and Wisdom, and Knowledge, by studying the which assiduously in the Sacred Writings there will arise more and more (Wisdom) in your heart.

The use of the rights of Marriage is permitted, but should scarcely if at all be made use of (during this period).

You shall also wash your whole body every Sabbath Eve.

As to what regardeth commerce and manner of living, I have already given unto you sufficient instruction.

Only it is absolutely necessary to retire from the world and seek retreat; and ye shall lengthen your prayers to the utmost of your ability.

As for eating, drinking and clothing, ye shall govern yourselves in exactly the same manner as in the two first Moons; except that ye shall fast (the Qabalistical fast) every Sabbath Eve.

NOTE WELL: The Sabbath is for the Jews, who are accustomed to observe the same every Saturday, but for Christians the Sabbath is the Sunday, and they 1 ought to consider the Saturday as its Eve.


70:1 I.e., the Christians.

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