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HERE be no other days (to be observed) than those which God hath ordained unto our Fathers, viz., All Saturdays, which be the days of the Sabbath Passover; and the Feast of Tabernacles of which the former is the Fifteenth Day of the First of our Months, and the latter (beginneth on) the Fifteenth Day of the Seventh Month. 1 Now for this Operation, any person of whatever Law 2 he may be, provided that he confesseth that there is One God, 3 may observe these feasts. However, the true time of commencing this Operation is the first day after the Celebration of the Feasts of Easter, and this was ordained unto Noah, being the most convenient time, and the end falleth just at the (Feast of) Tabernacles. 4 Our predecessors have thus observed it, and the Angel 5 also

p. 60

hath approved it; and also it is more advisable to follow good counsel and example, than to be obstinate and follow one's own caprice; and also to treat the election of a particular day as a Pagan idea, paying no regard whatever either to Time nor to the Elements; but only (having respect) unto Him Who granteth such a period. Thus then will we be found men in the fittest condition of Grace and reconciled with God, and purer than at another period; and this being an essential point ye ought well to consider the same.

It is, however, quite true that the Elements and the Constellations do perform of themselves certain operations 1 but this is to be understood of natural things, as it happeneth that one day is different unto another; but such a difference hath not operation in things Spiritual and Supernatural, being thus useless for (higher) Magical Operations. The Election of Days is still more useless, the Election of Hours and Minutes whereof the ignorant make so much, is further a very great error.

Wherefore I have resolved to write this particular chapter, in order that this error might appear more plainly evident unto him who readeth it, and that be may draw profit therefrom so as to operate with judgment.


59:1 The Passover is about the Vernal Equinox and nearly corresponds to our Easter; it begins on the 15th or 16th of the Jewish First Month = Nisan or Abib. The Feast of Tabernacles begins about the middle of their Seventh Month= Tisri.

59:2 I.e., religious denomination.

59:3 It is immaterial whether the religious conception be Theistic or Pantheistic.

59:4 The Initiates of the True Rosicrucian Wisdom, know that there is a certain force in the observance of the Equinoxes.

59:5 Abraham evidently means his Guardian Angel.

60:1 Here Abraham admits to an extent what I have urged in my previous notes.

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