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This next passage shows a quite different way ov working, and thee effectiveness ov collaboration within thee Temple:

This did not start off as a Sigil. I wanted to set up some objects to photograph. But as we started to lay them out we couldn't help but make it into something more. As soon as intuitive thinking takes over, the frame of mind and atmosphere obviously changes with it. We started to lay out skulls, feathers, bones, dried reptiles, crystals, carved wooden objects... Eden 211 put on some ritualistic music and we lit candles. I started to thread together a rosary, threading on a Psychick cross, half-heartedly counting 23 beads on either side, but leaving the other half to chance - hoping numerological as well as neurological magick would be taking place that evening. Eden 211 was burning candles and joss sticks in a round metallic container. He was adding animal fur and photographs, amongst other things, and dripping wax around the edges of the container. The contents looked like our own inner world - and we were in charge. We could blow out the flame. We could use the candle for light, warmth, or to burn. The ash may fall off the joss stick, but it doesn't disappear. The wax may drip off the candle, but it just adds to something else. As Eden 211 dripped the wax around the container's edge I thought "ov power" - He was giving the wax in the same way that one releases energy - giving away in order to gain in another way. This is very hard to explain because this was very much intuitive thinking; but it seemed to make sense to both of us when I said it at the time. When I had finished threading the rosary I draped it over the three central skulls, then took two ready-made rosaries and put one around the female carved figure and one around the male, then tied the three rosaries together, therefore linking the male and the female - pandrogeny/equality/oneness - no separation. I could see the dog's silhouette lurking on the landing like a wolf protecting us. She seemed very understanding and wise that night. As the night went on I started to be reassured that I was in control of my life totally, and the most important thing to me is independence. It returned to me that Understanding and Compassion are very important if people are to respect each other as Individuals. Without these two words privileges start - resulting in bitterness and secrets.

The triangle of barbed wire was speared through the head/eye of one of the skulls. I saw it as being trussed in some way - it was not as independent as it might be; I could relate to it. I took the barbed wire out of its eye so that it was free and placed it on top of the corner of the triangle. To remove it from the triangle of barbed wire would be to separate it from the body's oneness and true will. To separate it would mean an easier existence for now but it would be escapism and result in double trouble eventually. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it"... also the Law of Karma...Throw a boomerang, turn your back and it comes back and hits you on the back of the head. I removed the skull so that it could be removed.

A way of coping and gaining wisdom without getting tied down and knocked down by irrelevancies...Rising Above without avoiding issues. I decorated the skull with beads, a Psychick cross and wax that I had burnt onto my hand.

It occurred to me that the human skull in our layout was God - this amused me. Then I realised it was true. The WoMan was and is a god.

I later counted the beads on the rosary and I had put on 40 - my Kali number. The Psychick cross made it 41. 4+1=5 /2+3=5. 23 is my number. I then saw that the rosary I put around the female belonged to Eden 211 (male) and the rosary I had put around the male was mine (female.)

I finished off my camera film at the end of the Sigil - photo no. 36. I turned and looked at the clock and the minutes said 36. I felt happy again, against all odds. It had been a terrible day but we had made it special. I felt in total control and no-one could touch me unless with love.

Kali 40