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Thee following are thee notes ov a current member ov thee Temple:

Thee aim ov thee Sigil was to overcoum personality traits exhibiting weakness and passivity. E desired thee strength that E knew was within, butter which was hidden. Thee clues as to how to attain this had emerged during earlier work - though they had been unclear at thee time - and in effect amounted to a reclamation ov an earlier state ov being that had been shrouded by years ov continual conditioning. E had been forced to play a role that was not mine. My aim was to reclaim thee power ov my Lion, my sun-sign which E had long rejected. E had thought E was not a Leo.

E began by preparing thee ritual space and gathering objects used in earlier Sigils. Then E set out my intent in words:

Tonight E seek thee root ov my STRENGTH
E draw out that which is there butter hidden
E call on thee Pride and Grace ov thee Lion
Thee King ov thee Jungle that strides forth
in thee knowledge ov its BEAUTY
No more afraid ov its shadow
No more afraid ov thee mouse
No more afraid ov fear
No more afraid ov LIFE

Tonight E call on thee LION
Thee ruler ov my Sun
E call to thee Lion within, asleep no more
E call to thee Lion "Come Forth!"
E command ov thee Lion: "COME FORTH!"
E demand ov thee LION: "COUM OUT!"

Thee room is calm with thee flicker ov candles, and music plays though E notice it not. E adopt a certain posture to restrict movement and work inwardly, calling on thee Lion within, demanding it as ov right, no asking meekly . Facing thee challenge head on, E do not flinch or shirk. E build a burning passion inside and direct it towards my goal. Demanding, urging myself to go on, E rock back and forth to summon thee strength . Deeper and deeper E go, disregarding all else. E will success.

Thee outside is as nothing. E travel to thee plains. E am with thee lions as we hunt and play, kill and eat, and see thee vastness ov thee grasslands, thee sun beating down, thee wind hot to thee face. And we are lords ov our domain. Fearless, without peer. E see through lion eyes, my skull that ov thee beast. E roar inside as thee lion roars, no more asleep, butter awake, prowling; proud and strong.

E force thee issue always, claiming back what is mine . E invoke, and E invoke and E invoke...

And thee call is answered. Thee strength wells up in me and E act with purpose, thee directed force ov will. No more thee passive onlooker, E initiate my action with certainty.

And then E prepare thee Sigil paper, thee record ov what has passed. E begin with a sign ov Leo, butter add in words all thee attributes ov thee Lion that E wish to claim. These words are placed around thee figure ov thee Sun. Thee work is pleasing to me, for it is natural, unforced and has taken on a life ov its own . In thee words, and in my mind, E recall past events: events that might have seemed small butter which E can now see had caused thee lion to sleep so long in its lair. E learn thee reasons for this long sleep, and know that they hold true no more.

Only when E am sure thee paper is coumplete do E anoint it in blood and ov.

E do not always work this way. Sometimes thee preparation is slow, deliberate, thee creation ov a Sigil over several weeks as thee idea grows, takes form inside. And so thee paper becoums a reflection ov many aspects ov my inner self, taking in thee changes, thee intuitive butter not understood thoughts that flit into consciousness. It is a process ov revealing. Only later do thee meanings ov all thee images used becoum clear, especially after the ritual is coumplete. Then E can look back and see thee form ov my weaknesses, thee basis ov my strengths; and use this knowledge to direct my actions. Thus it is that thee unconscious instructs thee conscious, and thee two parts work together in unity ov purpose. With this knowledge E can go about thee practical business ov achieving my goal with an open mind, and eyes that see clearly.

No two Sigils are alike. E change constantly with thee work, so that what seemed unthinkable three months ago is second nature now. And what was important then and difficult, is now passed by or thee way seems so obvious that E can scarcely believe E once viewed it as a problem. More than anything, that is what E have realised: that Sigils release an incredible power for action. If E were not experiencing it E would not believe it possible. Butter it is, and E know that E will never go back to thee safe life ov conditioned acceptance that flickers like thee dying TV screen from one unchanging day to thee next. Now, every day brings new challenge, new risk, new joy. And E meet it all with relish!