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I. God is Love.

Man, having the understanding of God, speaks the Word of Power.

2. Man gives utterance to God.

3. The Father is Equilibrium.

The Son is Concentration of the same Spirit. The Spirit is Projection.

The Tri-une Relation--always consists of these Three:

(I) The Potential--(II) The Ideal--(III) The Concrete.

(I) The Potential is Life in its most highly abstract mode not yet brought into Form even as Thought. Not particularised in any way.

(II) The Ideal is the particularising of the Potential into a certain Formulated Thought.

(III) The Concrete is the Manifestation of the Formulated Thought in Visible Form.

What everybody wants is to become more alive--as Jesus said, "I am come that they might have Life and might have it more abundantly"--and it is only

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on the basis of realising ourselves as a perfect unity throughout, not made up of opposing parts, and that unity Spirit, that we can realise in ourselves the Livingness which Spirit is, and which we as Spirit ought to be.


"The Truth shall make you Free"




: = The Truth



The Ultimate Truth will always be found to consist of these three, and anything that is contrary to them is contrary to Fundamental Truth.


Worship consists in the recognition of the Personal Nature of Holy Spirit, and in the Continual Alternation (Pulsation) between the two positions of "I am the Person that Thou art," and "Thou art the Person that I am." The Two Personalities are One.