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How Provinces and Kingdoms Are Distributed to Planets.

Moreover, the whole orb of the earth is distributed by kingdoms and provinces to the Planets and Signs: For Macedonia, Thracia, Illyria, Arriana, Gordiana, India, many of which countries are in the lesser Asia, are under Saturn with Capricornus; but with Aquarius

p. 110

under him are the Sauromatian Country, Oxiana, Sogdiana, Arabia, Phazania, Media and Æthiopia, which countries, for the most part, belong to the more inward Asia. Under Jupiter, with Sagittarius, are Tuscana, Celtica, Spaine, and happy Arabia; and under him, with Pisces, are Lycia, Lydia, Cilicia, Pamphylia, Paphlagonia, Nasamonia, and Lybia. Mars, with Aries, governs Britany, France, Germany, Bastarnia, the lower parts of Syria, Idumea, and Judea; with Scorpio, he rules Syria, Comagena, Cappadocia, Metagonium, Mauritania, and Getulia. The Sun, with Leo, governs Italy, Apulia, Sicilia, Phenicia, Chaldea, and the Orchenians. Venus, with Taurus, governs the Isles Cyclades, the seas of little Asia, Cyprus, Parthia, Media, Persia; but, with Libra, she commands the people of the Island Bractia, of Caspia, of Seres, of Thebais, of Oasis, and of Troglodys. Mercury, with Gemini, rules Hircania, Armenia, Mantiana, Cyrenaica, Marmarica, and the lower Egypt; but, with Virgo, he rules Greece, Achaia, Creta, Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Ela, whence they of that place are in Scripture called Elamites. The Moon, with Cancer, governs Bithivia, Phrygia, Colchica, Numidia, Africa, Carthage, and all Carchedonia.

These we have, in this manner, gathered from Ptolemy's opinion, to which, according to the writings of other astrologers, many more may be added. But he who knows how to compare these divisions of provinces according to the Divisions of the Stars, with the Ministry of the Ruling Intelligences, and Blessings of the Tribes of Israel, the Lots of the Apostles, and Typical Seals of the Sacred Scripture, shall be able to obtain great and prophetical oracles, concerning every region, of things to come.

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