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God.--Infinite Spirit, self-knowing Mind, Life, Truth, Intelligence, Love, All Cause and All Effect. That invisible power which makes all things out of Itself, by an inner action of its own thought upon Itself.

The Visible Universe.--The ideas of God in expression, the body of God, expression of the Divine Mind. All visible life is an expression of an inner concept.

Law.--Mind in action; law is not cause, it is effect. It is intelligence operating. All law is universal.

Vibration.--Not intelligence, but the result of intelligence, it follows cause.

Thought.--The activity of Mind.

Man.--A thinking center in mind;

Creation.--Thought becoming form. The Immaculate Conception.

Sin.--Lack of understanding.

Righteousness.--Spiritual understanding.

Sickness.--Image of thought held in mind appearing on the body.

Health.--The realization of perfect life.

Poverty.--Limited thought.

Riches.--The realization of our unity with life, which is limitless.

Consciousness.--The realization of the fact that we are.

Life.--Consciousness of power and activity.

Truth.--That which is.

Realization.--An inner thought process whereby we become conscious of our unity with life.

Absolute.--Complete self-knowing.

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Causation.--God, Spirit, Life, That which is.

Intelligence.--That which knows that it is.

Unfoldment.--The birth of ideas coming forth from Mind.

Illusion.--Belief in two powers.

Soul.--The inner creative life, the feminine, receptive, creative.

Sense.--Not an illusion, but the faculties through which we contact life in its expression.

Motion.--The inner activity of life producing manifestation.

Effect.--The result of inner motion.

The Word.--The activity of thought.

Faith.--Positive mental activity.

Fear.--Negative mental activity.

Attraction.--The drawing power of thought.

Unity.--One Mind flowing through all, and in all.

Objective.--Life in its outer form.

Subjective.--Life in its inner thought or form.

Karma.--The law of cause and effect. The result of past thought and action binding the ignorant and freeing the wise.

Multiplicity.--The bringing forth from the One of an infinite variety of form, color and motion.

Treatment.--The mental and spiritual activity of thought for a definite end.

Demonstration.--The result of correct thinking.

Heaven.--The atmosphere of correct thought.

Hell.--The atmosphere of false thinking.

Peace.--Mind resting in the realization that it is all.

Poise.--An inner calm which never fears.

Power.--The result of the union of peace and poise.