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The Kingdom of God shall come upon good Men; for the Earth, which is the producer of all things, shall yield to Men the best, and infinite Fruits; . . . and the Cities shall be full of good Men, and the Fields shall be fruitful, and there shall be no War in the Earth, nor Tumult, nor shall the Earth groan by an Earthquake; no Wars, nor Drought, or Famine; nor Hail to waste the Fruits; but there shall be great Peace in all the Earth, and one King shall live in Friendship with the other, to the End of the Age; and the Immortal, who lives in the Heavens adorned with Stars, shall give a common Law to all Men in all the Earth, and instruct miserable Men what things must be done; for he is the only God, and there is no other; and he shall burn the great Strength of Men by Fire.

Then he shall raise a Kingdom for ever over all Men, when he hath given a Holy Law to the Righteous, to all whom he promised to open the Earth; and the World of the blessed, and all Joys, and an immortal Mind, and Eternal chearfulness. Out of every Country they shall bring Frankincense, and Gifts to the Houses of the Great God, and there shall be no other House to be enquired for by the Generations

p. 316

of Men that are to come, but the faithful Man whom God has given to be worshiped, for Mortals call him the Son of the Great God; and all the Paths of the Fields, and rough Shores, and high Mountains, and the raging Waves of the Sea, shall be easily passed, or sailed through in those Days for all Peace shall happen to the Good, through all their Land, the Prophets of the Great God shall take away all Slaughter, for they are the Judges of Mortals, and the righteous Kings. And there shall be just Riches for Men, for the Government of the Great God shall be just Judgement. 

Now no longer shall gold and silver be full of guile, nor shall there be possessing of land nor toilsome slavery; but one love and one ordering of life in kindness of soul. All things shall be common and light equal in the lives of men. Vice shall leave the earth and be sunk in the divine ocean. Then is the summer of mortal men nigh at hand. Strong necessity will be laid upon (the world) that these things be accomplished. No wayfarer meeting another will then say: "The race of mortal men, though now they perish, shall some day have rest." And then a holy people shall wield the sceptre of the whole world through all the ages, along with their mighty offspring. TRANSLATED FROM THE GREEK "SIBYLLAE," BOOK xiv, CONCLUSION.


316:† Sir John Ployer, "The Sibylline Oracles," Book iii, Extracts pages 80-2.

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