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KKAmong all races there exists the tradition of a great flood. And in the more evolved civilisations and religions a profound allegory has been framed upon this circumstance, the mystery of which is somewhat illuminated by the Comte's pleasantries. Since Oromasis is the Sun behind the Sun,  and since Vesta is the Essence of all things, * to state that Vesta is the bride of Oromasis is equivalent to saying that Vesta is the feminine or negative aspect of Primordial Force or Fire. Thus Noah is seen to symbolise the spiritual evolution of man in relation to the Divine Force in its positive and negative aspects, union of which generates the Solar consciousness on earth, and in man when non-resistant to the divine will. Zoroaster and Egeria typify supreme manifestations of this Force..


288:* See pages 142, 88, 26.

288:† Plato, The Cratylus.

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