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Cosmic Consciousness, by Richard Maurice Bucke, [1901], at


W. H. W.

Born 1842. Entered Cosmic Consciousness 1877, at the age of thirty-five years. Had a very strong and original mind and a wonderful memory. A gentleman who knew him writes: "He was an extraordinary conversationalist; it was as if he had absorbed the minds and works of Darwin, Huxley and Spencer, and spoke with the authority and knowledge of all three; their works, thought, language, were at his tongue's end; it was an education to be with him for a few days. He was a wonderful violinist—the equal of the best not known as a star. He heard of J. B. [the J. B. of this volume] in 1877, sent for him and had a five hours’ talk with him (he had a capacity of taking in a case, subject, book, musical composition, what not, and retaining permanently all he heard or read about it). He asked for another interview, and after a second talk of two hours said: 'Now, Mr. B., I have done. I have just one more question to ask you and only one. Have you got what the scientists might call "a New Prime"?' 'I have,' replied B., 'and I can further add that you will get it, too. I don't know when, but you will get it.' J. B. went back to his own city that afternoon. The following afternoon he received a telegram from W. H. W. 'I have got that Prime.' I afterwards heard him describe the experience. He said: 'I went into the yard to the pump, and just as I got there it came—a shock, a flood of light, and along with, or immediately following, the shock and the subjective

p. 319

glow—like a great internal blaze—came the feeling of absolute harmony with the power that made all things and is in all things. All striving stopped—there was nothing to strive for—I was at peace.'"

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