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Amenhotep IV



by E.A.W. Budge

[1923, copyright not renewed]

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This is a collection of essays and translations by E.A.W. Budge about the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt, particularly Amenhotep IV, who attempted to impose a monotheistic religion on the Egyptians, and Tutankhamen, who led a counter-reformation. This slim book appears to have been pieced together from existing material, shortly after the sensational discovery of Tutankhamen's intact tomb.

If you are looking for a lengthy biography of 'King Tut', or an inventory of the riches of his tomb you will be disappointed. Most of this book is about Amenhotep IV, particularly his abortive attempt to negate thousands of years of Egyptian polythesism, and replace it with a monotheistic religion. This is a fascinating subject for students of the history of religion, and Budge offers a set of key source documents on the topic, as well as some insightful analysis.

Title Page
The Reign Of Tutankhamen
Tutankhamen and the Cult of Amen
A Hymn to Amen and Aten
The Cult of Aten, The God and Disk of the Sun, Its Origin, Development And Decline
Development of the Cult of Aten Under Amenhetep IV
A.--A Hymn to Aten by the King
B.--Hymn to Aten by Ai, Overseer of the Horse of Aakhunaten
Hymns to the Sun-God
Egyptian Monotheism