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Utterance 436.

788a. To make a libation. To say: Thy water belongs to thee; thine abundance belongs to thee;

788b. the efflux goes forth from the god, the secretion which comes out of Osiris,

788c. so that thy hands may be washed, so that thine ears may be open.

789a. This power is spiritualized by means of its soul.

789b. Wash thyself for thy ka washes itself. Let thy ka be seated,

789c. that it may eat bread with thee, without ceasing eternally.

790a. Thy going is as a successor of Osiris;

790b. thy face is before thee; thine homage is before thee.

791a. It is agreeable to thy nose on account of the smell of ’Iḫ.t-wt.t;

791b. for thy feet when they hit thy feast (carry thee to thy feast);

791c. for thy teeth, for thy finger-nails when thy bread is broken.

792a. Thou ferriest over as the great bull, the pillar (or, column) of the Serpent nome,

792b. to the fields of Rē‘ which he loves.

792c. Raise thyself up, N. Thou shalt not die.

Utterance 437.

793a. To say: Wake up for Horus; stand up against Set;

793b. raise thyself up as Osiris, like the spirit, son of Geb, his first (-born);

793c. and stand up as Anubis, who is on the min-w (-shrine),

794a. before whom the Ennead tremble. The three beginnings (of the divisions of the year) will be celebrated for thee;

794b. thou purifiest thyself on the day of the new-moon, thou dawnest on the first of the month.

794c. The great min.t (-stake) mourns for thee

794d. as for "Him who stands without being tired," who resides in Abydos.

795a. Earth, hear that which the gods have spoken,

795b. what Rē‘ says as he spiritualizes N.,

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795c. that he may receive his spirituality as one at the head of the gods, like Horus, son of Osiris,

795d. while he gives him his spirituality among the watchers Of Buto,

795e. while he dignifies him as a god among the watchers of Hierakonpolis.

796a. The earth speaks:

796b. The double doors of Aker are open for thee; the double doors of Geb are open for thee.

796c. Thou goest forth at the voice of Anubis, while he has spiritualized thee, like Thot,

797a. that thou mayest judge the gods, that thou mayest set a boundary to the Bows,

797b. between the two sceptres, in this thy dignity of spirit, commanded by Anubis.

798a. If thou goest, Horus, goes; if thou speakest, Set speaks.

798b. Thou approachest the sea (lake); thou advancest to the Thinite nome;

798c. thou passest through Abydos.

799a. A portal is open for thee in heaven, towards the horizon;

799b. the heart of the gods rejoices at thy approach.

799c. They take thee to heaven in thy (capacity as) soul; thou art a soul (mighty) among them.

800a. Thou ascendest to heaven like Horus, who is over the šdšd of heaven,

800b. in this thy dignity issuing from the mouth of Rē‘,

800c. as Horus among the spirits,

800d. whilst thou sittest on thy firm throne.

801a. Thou withdrawest thyself to heaven;

801b. the ways, of the Bows, which lead up to Horus, are made firm for thee;

801c. the heart of Set fraternizes with thee as (with) the Great One of Heliopolis.

802a. Thou hast voyaged over the Winding Watercourse in the north of Nut

802b. as a star, which ferries over the ocean, which is under the body of Nut.

802c. The Dȝ.t strikes (takes) thy hand, towards the place of Śȝḥ,

803a. after the bull of heaven had given thee his arm.

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803b. Thou nourishest thyself with the food of the gods, with which they nourish themselves.

803c. The odour of Ddwn is on thee, the Upper Egyptian youth, who is come from Nubia;

803d. he gives thee the incense wherewith the gods cense themselves.

804a. The two children (twin?) of the king of Lower Egypt, who are on his head, the possessors of the great (crown), have given birth to thee.

804b. Rē‘ has called thee out of the ’iskn of heaven,

804c. as Horus who is chief of his department (or, presides over his thigh-offering) he of Śȝtw-t, lord of Śbw.t (the rebel city),

804d. as the jackal god, nome-governor of the Bows, as Anubis who presides over the pure (holy) land.

805a. He appoints thee as the morning star (god of the morning) in the midst of the Marsh of Reeds,

805b. and thou sittest upon thy throne.

805c. Thy dismembered limbs are collected by the two mighty ones, the crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt, as lord of the Bows.

805d. Thine abundance is in the field of the gods where they nourish themselves.

806a. Thou hast thy spiritualization; thou hast thy messengers;

806b. thou hast thine understanding; thou hast thine earthly servants.

806c. May the king give an offering, may Anubis give an offering (of) thy thousand of the young of antelopes

806d. from the desert, as they come to thee with bowed head.

807a. May the king give an offering, may Anubis give an offering (of) thy thousand loaves of bread, thy thousand mugs of beer,

807b. thy thousand large loaves, which come from the broad-hall, thy thousand of all sweet things,

807c. thy thousand of oxen, thy thousand of all things which thou eatest, on which thy heart is set.

808a. The ’imȝ-tree serves thee, the nbś-tree bows its head to thee,

808b. such as Anubis will do for thee.

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Utterance 438.

809a. To say: O, O, I will do it for thee, O, my father,

809b. for thou hast no father among men, thou hast no mother among mankind;

809c. thy father is the great wild bull, thy mother is the young cow (lit. girl, or damsel).

810a. Live a life, and thou shalt certainly not die a death,

810b. like Horus lived, who dwelt in Letopolis,

810c. after the great grave (hole) of Heliopolis was opened for him.

811a. The great one of the ḥtś.t-sedan-chair-man and the great one of the ‘-sedan-chair-man of Ḫnti-’imn.tiw,

811b. they give thee water on the beginning of the month and on the beginning of the half-month,

811c. that thou mayest give to the great and lead the small.

811d. Thou hast thy double-rib piece (šbti.w) from the slaughtering-bench of Ḫnti-’imn.tiw,

811e. in accordance with thy dignity among the lords of the ’imȝḫ.

Utterance 439.

812a. To say: N. is Satis who has taken possession of both lands,

812b. the burning one who has seized her two lands.

812c. N. has ascended to heaven;

812d. he has found Rē‘ standing; he approaches him;

813a. he sits down beside him;

813b. Rē‘ allows him not to throw himself on the ground,

813c. knowing that he (the king) is indeed greater than he (Rē‘).

813d. N. is more spiritual than the spirits,

813e. more excellent than the excellent ones;

813f. N. is more enduring than the enduring ones.

814a. N. has triumphed over the lady of the ḥtp.t;

814b. N. has taken his stand with him in the north of the sky;

814c. N. has taken possession of both lands as king of the gods.

Utterance 440.

815a. To say: If thou desirest to live, Horus, who is in charge of his life-staff (?) of truth,

815b. then shalt thou not shut the double doors of heaven, then shalt thou not binder (with) its (the heaven's) hindrances,

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815c. as soon as thou hast taken the ka of N. to heaven,

815d. among the august-ones of the god, unto the beloved ones of the god,

816a. who lean upon their d‘m-sceptres, who guard the land of Upper Egypt,

816b. who clothe themselves in purple (?), who live on figs,

816c. who drink wine, who anoint themselves with ḥȝt.t-oil,

816d. that he (the ka) may speak for N. to the Great God, and cause N. to climb up to the Great God.

Utterance 441.

817a. To say: The earth has been hoed for thee; the wdn.t-offering before thee has been made for thee,

817b. as thou goest on that way whereon the gods go.

818a. Turn thou and see this offering,

818b. which the king has made for thee, which the First of the Westerners has made for thee,

818c. as thou goest to those gods in the north, the imperishable stars.

Utterance 442.

819a. To say: That Great One is certainly fallen on his side; be who is in Ndi.t is thrown down.

819b. Thine arm is seized by Rē‘; thy head is lifted up by the Two Enneads.

819c. Behold, he is come (again) as Śȝḥ; behold, Osiris is come as Śȝḥ.

820a. lord of the wine-cellar at the Wȝg-feast,

820b. "good," as his mother said; "heir," as his father said,

820c. conceived by heaven, born of the Dwȝ.t.

820d. Heaven conceives thee together with S'ȝḥ;

820e. N. is born in the Dwȝ.t together with S'ȝḥ.

821a. He lives who lives at the command of the gods; so wilt thou live.

821b. Thou ascendest with S'ȝḥ on the eastern side of the sky;

821c. thou descendest with S'ȝḥ on the western side of the sky.

822a. Your third is Sothis of the pure places,

822b. she is your leader (or, who will lead you) by the beautiful ways in heaven,

822c. in the Marsh of Reeds.

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