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Utterance 427.

777a. To say: Nut, spread thyself over thy son, Osiris N.;

777b. hide him from Set; protect him, Nut.

777c. Thou art come, that thou mayest protect (lit. hide) thy son; come now, protect this Great One.

Utterance 428.

778a. To say: Nut, fall upon thy son, Osiris N.;

778b. protect him, Great Sieve (protectress), this Great One among thy children.

Utterance 429.

779a. To say by Geb: Nut, thou art become (spiritually) mighty:

779b. thou wast (already physically) mighty in the womb of thy mother, Tefnut, before thou wast born.

779c. Protect N. with life and well-being. He shall not die.

Utterance 430.

780a. To say: Mighty was, thy heart,

780b. when thou wast in the body of thy mother, in thy name of "Nut".

Utterance 431.

781a. (To say:) Thou art the daughter, who has gained (physical) power over her mother, who dawned as king of Lower Egypt.

781b. Make N. (spiritually) mighty in thy womb. He shall not die.

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Utterance 432.

782a. To say: Great lady, who didst become heaven, thou didst become (physically) mighty,

782b. thou art become victorious, thou hast filled every place with thy beauty.

782c. The whole earth lies (lit. is) under thee; thou hast taken possession of it;

782d. thou encompassest the earth and all things (therein) in thine arms;

782e. mayest thou establish this N. in thee as an imperishable star.

Utterance 433.

783a. To say: I have fertilized thee as Geb, in thy name of "Heaven";

783b. I have united to thee the whole earth in every place.

Utterance 434.

784a. To say: High one over the earth, thou art above thy father Shu, who hast the mastery over him.

784b. He has loved thee in that he has set himself under thee; all things are thine.

785a. Thou hast taken each god to thyself with his boat;

785b. thou hast educated them as "She of a thousand souls,"

785c. so that they will not disappear from thee like stars.

785d. So let not N. leave thee, in thy name of "Far off one" (or, "High one").

Utterance 435.

786a. To say: I am Nut, "the Granary." I have proclaimed the name of Osiris N.,

786b. namely, "Horus, beloved of the two lands, N."; "King of Upper and Lower Egypt, N.";

786c. "nb.ti, beloved of the Corporation, N."; "falcon over gold, N. ";

787a. "heir of Geb, his beloved N.", "beloved of all the gods, N.";

787b. given all life, stability, prosperity, health, joy like Rē‘, thou livest for ever.

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